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  1. Yeah that really felt like a goodbye, the standing ovation and applauding the whole ground
  2. Mount not starting. As it's not 5 yet can I switch to Pulisic first scorer?
  3. Ah yeah makes sense. Was very weird to have them in the West Stand. Tons of low key Dutch fans in tonight too but fair play, we'd do the same most likely.
  4. That was one of the maddest games I've ever been to, from the action on the pitch to the crowd behaviour. Here are some.of the Ajax fans that weren't there. Did they talk about that on TV? Van Der Beek ran to them after their 4th goal. Bloke on front of me was going mental at them.
  5. Anyone see MOTD tonight? Lineker made a comment about Frank and his young players passing all their trials, and Shearer started laughing right away and then Ian Wright started laughing in delay. Am I alone in missing the gag? I had fast forwarded through most of their chatter on the previous matches tonight.

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