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  1. Is this a figure of my imagination ,but if I was playing Texas hold’ern I would go all in with my chips >>> swwwwhhhssssss<<< that there was a PSG sticker slapped above one of the turnstyles into the Bridge ,back in the 1980s .
  2. Said player in the above question was reported to have warned the sunderland players to get off the pitch a bit sharpish should the black cats win the semi final leg at SB ,due to possibility of a pitch invasion I seem to recall.
  3. Went to this one and I seem to recall all the sheff weds pigs were all basically giving each other high fives and back slaps at half time and singing about going upto sunderland in the next round ( semi final ) ,or is my mind playing tricks with me about the winners of this game knowing sunderland were the next opponents . was in Doncaster having some beers early in the day and there was that many chelsea from the smoke in the pub on the lash I got a coach set up to get from the pub in donny to Hillsboro . the pitch was in a reet state and tbh I wish togger today was still played on a surface that was that bad through the winter etc etc instead of the perfect bowling greens of today. when sheff weds made it 4-4 the South Yorkshire police who were stood pitch side of the fencing on leppings Lane ,were throwing all sorts of insults at us like >>> cockney w**ker ,f**k off back to London ,where is your smile now you London twat ,etc etc As daft as it sounds I miss the police acting like James hunts as they did back then tbh and had far more respect for the police back then than I do today . will allways recall Doug rouvies body lanuage when he gave that penalty away when it was 3-4
  4. Went to that Bolton v chelsea game when mr Walker made it 0-1 with a strike from outside the penalty area. we was sat in the seats on the Manchester road stand which ran along the side of the pitch at Bolton. Think the main bulk of chelsea away support was in the away end to our RH side,but there was untold chelsea sat in the Manchester road stand where during the game all sorts was going off and been thrown between the chelsea lads and sh*t loads of Bolton like minded who were all stood on the terrace below our seats. somewhere at home in the loft I still have what was left of a seat that had been ripped out and thrown between both sets of lads no end of times. seem to recall that it was pissing it down all day for that game. said it on here before,but after that 0-1 win that saved CFC from the drop to div3 ,we was in a pub after the game when ken bates walked in. He basically said to us all that by the start of next season the team will not be recognizable as plans were set in place for CFC to sign X amount of new players across the pitch. we all know what happened the season
  5. Recall going to Barnsley once on the X19 bus from donny. it was winter time as whoever facking leeds were playing that day their game was called off. went into the yorkist pub in donny for a quick pint with another donny chelsea lad ,where there was about 10 chelsea from the smoke/ Home Counties . one of the 10 chelsea was a certain mr hickmot ,so it was a lively bunch is fair to say. we all got on the X19 direct buss to Barnsley and came out of Barnsley bus station basically straight into a pub. This was around the mid day mark and the pub had doormen at that time due to chelsea been in town I guess. so half of the 12 chelsea get in maybe one or two more ,but I was one off the back in the que as the bouncers shut the doors on the handfull of us left outside.At this exact moment in time a massive mob of what I think was leeds just turned no more than 50 yards to our right hand side ,it was that foggy ( maybe that’s why leeds game was called off ) the fog was like pea soup and you could not clearly work out the size of this mob . well not untill they all steamed in towards us and as they broke throu the heavy fog it was carnage for us chelsea left outside as we all got kicked to fcuk . must have been 30/40 or more of the Leeds chaps as they went to town on us. could never work out if this was a set up with the pub bouncers etc etc when you take into account there was no Mobile phones back then .cant recall the score of the game at all ,just that it was dark,cold and bastard foggy and I just curled up on the floor after been punched down and this leeds lot played five a side football on us. well I think it was leeds ,but it could have been Barnsley but I doubt it was a mix of both as them two just did not mix back then unlike doncaster rovers and donnywhites have
  6. Not songs or chants tied to whichever band or bands,but I can never get the terrace chants of >>> come along come along come along and sing this song,were the boys in blue in division 2 and we won’t be here too long <<< also this one >>> were saying goodbye to the 2nd ,to the 2nd to the 2nd and while were saying goodbye to the 2nd were saying hello to the 1st to the 1st <<< them that were there will know the rest
  7. For life of me I can’t recall the score of the game ,but I do know that wham were staying in the queens hotel on the Friday night according to local west yorks rozzers as they held the escort back for some mins while the wham lot were driving out of the hotel. this was the most amount of chelsea that I have ever seen at elland road that was for sure.i doubt many top ranking teams in division back then lpool,Spurs,west ham,or whoever would have taken 5000 + to Leeds Leeds Leeds for a div 1 game never mind a div 2 fixture. i guess man utd would have been only team to match Chelsea’s numbers that day.
  8. Went to one leeds v chelsea game back in division 2 .it could be the one where chelsea was in the stand alongside the touch line in the corner as there was over 5000 there in my book. Got on the inter city 125 from londonKX which stopped at donny,with not a facking donnywhite in sight.the train was rammed full with chelsea and there was lads even laid up in the above luggage racks. i managed to get sat on a table with me back against the widow ,you could not swing a cat in our or any carriage. as the train pulled into Wakefield west gate there was 3 leeds lads throwing what we thought was bricks at our train.them bricks turned out to be petrol bombs as they exploded against the widow that I was sat against. woosh wooosh wooosh was the sound within some smash smash smash as glass hit train window.nowt bad happened as Iam still here along sh*t loads of other chelsea who was in that carriage. the 3 leeds lads ran off into a near by pub where the landlord over heard them bragging about what they had just done to the >>> chelsea service train <<< ,landlord called the police who came in and nicked the 3 leeds lads . they all was up in court and got sent down. with one of the Leeds chaps hanging himself in Preston prison. by time our train pulled into dirty leeds station the window and door way on the outside was black bright.
  9. Stayed in the roker hotel that night after the sunderland game .it was doom and gloom all round in that place which was a short walk from the ground,even saw a chelsea lad who was that gutted he walked onto the beach and took all his clothes off down to his Y fronts and strode into the sea . it was bastard cold that night, so god knows how cold the sea was,but said lad got out of his rising damp trance and clothed back up and sat back at the bar to finish his pint.
  10. Went to a Wigan v doncaster game at Springfield park and chelsea were playing somewhere in that area on the Sunday in the early/ mid 1980s was sat in the seats at Wigan with some donny lads,when Joey jones ,bumstead ,thomas and niedzwiecki and another chelsea player who has slipped my mind all sat in the seats quite close to us. started to talking to jones and Thomas and they seemed to take to us when I told that I was chelsea. at half time they invited me and the handfull of donny lads onto the chelsea team coach that was parked up outside the wigan ground which they had come to Springfield Park on from their hotel.had a chin wag sat on the coach at half time and let us use the kitchen that was on the team coach.for life of me can’t recall what we ate or drank and the score of the Wigan v donny game,just that 5 chelsea players landed in the stand wanting to watch whatever division 3/4 game that was been played that Saturday . cant even recall who chelsea was playing on the Sunday ,it might have been lpool
  11. This is the game when a lady pushing a tea/ snack ern trolley down by side of the pitch and the ball took out the tea ern trolley and there was a mess down the outer track side of the pitch .also recall some chelsea lads who had taken a good beating after giving chase to some oldham into a local housing estate .was speaking to them on oldham station and one of them was in a mess.iam sure they was all chelsea from the wrexham area.
  12. I went to that Carlisle game and got knocked about by some chelsea lot on Leeds station ,they thought that I was dirty facking Leeds ffs. when I got on the same train as them on Leeds station upto Carlisle they asked “ why did you facking tell us you was chelsea “ “ when you are chelsea on Leeds station it’s the type of thing you tend to keep to yer sen “ friendly fire was the kangeroo court ruling and as a type of compensation one of the chelsea lot gave me his copy of that >>> bulldog <<< NF paper that was doing the rounds back then. thats one table that chelsea was allways on the top of back then ,as on the bulldogs back page they published a league table of FV
  13. Was sat a tad away from gate 13 and was more close to the tunnel,so it was quite sparse in the seats for this game against Sunderland back in div 2.glanced to me left and clocked >>> Steve cram <<< sat on his Todd “your Steve cram the sunderland fan are you not” he answered “ yes but please keep that to yourself as that lot over there might kill me “ “ mums the word “ I replied . was walking up a some streets behind qpr ground ,and having a chin wag with Richard burton as we was both type of lost trying to get to the ground.
  14. When chelsea were in division 2 I would get a 08:30ish inter city 125 from donny to London kingsX .The train came from Edinburgh and would also stop at Newcastle ,York and Donny aswell as other stations .One thing that I noticed back then was the amount of chelsea fans that got on this train at above stations .at times there would be anything upto 15/20 then other times 5/6 or 7 .some wore club colours some did not,but I rarely ever saw fans from likes of arsenal,hammers,y*ds,qpr and these teams were all in division one back then. the way to clock what team whoever followed back then was by the small round badges that all and sundry wore .i got to know CFC lads from Newcastle,darlington,hartlepool,Leeds,York,grimsby,pboro via the train to the smoke . the above tide did change after the premiership started up ,as i then saw likes of arsenal ,y*ds and hammers shirts on the same London kingsX train as me and the train back up north aswell. maybe the arsenal,y*ds,hammers fans above was allways on my trains to London and I was not on full defcon 5 mode,who knows.

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