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  1. Team talk Frank >emmerson just Stay on your feet and dont Get another yellow = 3 PTS
  2. Fcuk me agent Luiz is still playing for chelsea in his head
  3. well first 11 mins 32 secs all is looking positive since we have started quite well and on the front foot. Just hope we 2-0 up after 1st 45 mins
  4. Before the game i went for a 2-2 ,but after that 1st 45mins iam going all in with me poker chips that newcastle will finish with a big fat 0 after 90 mins ,question is will cfc make barcodes pay the price by bagging a brace of goals .
  5. Barcodes 2 cfc 2 ,for main two reasons st James park newcastle is boardering a bogey ground ? and our Defence is still lacking at times
  6. Sole reason why cfc are so hit and miss or should i say sh*te for parts of games is fact that we are so sh*t at the back and set plays been the top of that issue. Fix this and cfc will push on to next level .
  7. GOT me fingers ,toes and eyes crossed that we keep a clean Sheet now game looks over Bern 3-0 up.
  8. Missed the 3rd goal since i was making a brew and went for a dump ,game should be over now ,but will cfc make 4,5 or 6 NIL to shut that 40 fag smoking a day sounding gobsh*te of their manager up please
  9. I think we look quite sh*t from waht we was seeing from the start ofvthe Season ,if we are happy as that to be a bench mark .
  10. When i saw Christensen was starting and knowing that Burnley are quite meaty up front ,i had to strat poping pills to chill me sen out since i think the dane is quite iffy in our back line
  11. That should put the game to bed now ,unless Burnley change into red/ white stripes at H -T and call them sens sheff utd
  12. If that pen was given against cfc all and Sundry would be pulling their hair out, Even thou ITS 1-0 Things dont just look right too me

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