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  1. Brighton 2 man utd 3 with mancs getting a last kick of the game penalty to give them the 3pts > this will be the season known for penaltys with the new handball guide lines . any team that has a specialist player ir players that can strike a ball inside the penalty area towrads the opponents hand ,arm will reap the rewards
  2. I beg to differ it should read > ffs Frank put Willy in today !
  3. Think you have trumped me with that one and the 0-1 to lpool daglish last of season game .
  4. How on this earth or any other earth is she able to carry that many Stiens full of beer > i could not muster that many if they was all MT
  5. If Kepa starts today then your quote about Franks hand been forced from upstairs will be worrying and many accounts especially it will be Frank that will Get the chop down the line if certian goals are not meet ,not the suit in the shadows and sat behind the glass watching games
  6. Mansfield > can only say two words about that town / area / region > scabs scabs scabs
  7. Iam going to have a punt and say its the 4-2 FA-cup win vs lpool for sole reason shed looks packed and there is a splatting of fans in the closed off area of the shed end . Also i say thats a. Photo from the 1st half since CFC are defending the shed end ? Or is my memory not woth its salt
  8. Coventry v chelsea 3-2 think it was new stadium ? Vialli was manager > pre match drink in the rocket pub a d it was rammed with chelsea ,it got quite serious after the game with Odd stabbings here and there on way back to the rocket pub .
  9. Surely Frank is not soft enough to play kepa after recent and constant HIC UPS with Said keeper > it would be against the trades description ACT to call kepa a shot stopper Frank . Play kepa in the reserves to sort his form out not in the first 11 and i dont give two (s)hits about kepas mindset what about the mindset of Willy who is been kept back back on the bench by an accident waiting to happen or the fans when said CAR crash happens again again and again .
  10. I recall that game for the score 0-5 > the mire on the pitch after the game > the Police in the corner of the pen behind the goal getting punched and kicked somewhat > but the train journey Home as train pulled into clapham station a cfc chap was hanging out of the train window celerbrating all things chelsea > then a big thud was heard and said chelsea fan fell back into the train carriage floor and outcome looked terrible and shocking . i had to walk away as a few fans did the same . Police and ambulance staff came on at clapham station and took the poor chap away in ambul
  11. Who had a dear stalker ? Recall Grimsby town away and got on the rattler from donny to cleethorpes with a couple of local lads > Adidas smabas ,louis jumbo cords , black roll neck , grey plain v neck Pringle sweater ,dear stalker with a black press button pop up cheap umbrella . British Transport Police Get on the train at scunny and walked throu the carriages and stopped at our seats asking this snd that > fat overweight bobby then picks my brolly up off the table and asked ´ why you carrying this since its a boiling hot day with not a rain cloud in slight ´ the CNUTSTABLE then pr
  12. For crying out loud Frank please for the of God,Allah ,Uncle Bulgaria ,shedend forum sanity DO NOT SELECT KEPA > play with Willy . I have lost full confidence with Kepa as there seems to be a Gary sprake itching to Get out of him at the moment . If i feal unsucure with Kepa between the sticks what does the back four/ three feal ? willy played other nite and kept a clean sheet Albeit vs Barnsley Frank should have played Kepa in that game instead of against WBA if the case .
  13. I recall seeing a banner at the England v Scotland Home International in the Scotland end > which was the whole of Wembley > with the words ´ jimmy hill is a puff ` > that creased me up no end
  14. Even thou we lost 0-2 iam gojng to take it as a pluss pluss pluss but not a 4th pluss ,when you take into account it was against lpool with 10 men in the 2nd half and our keeper giving them the 2nd goal . i will be throwing my Teddy bears out of me pram should kepa start next week > play Willy ffs Frank
  15. Tut tut bloody tut ,best thing cfc can do now is to somehow play out for no more lpool goals and learn from this game select the correct 11 to start the next game
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