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  1. Will it typical of chelsea ,to get a result at Anfield of either 3pts or 1pt then we will think cfc are possible world beaters
  2. Points in the bag yes yes yes > but that performance with the sheff utd and end of palace game with the west ham horror thrown In aswell > it don’t fill you with confidence for are next two prem games when you take into consideration who we play lpool /wolves . optimistic is a word/term I can’t honestly use at the moment sorry to say chaps > HOPE HOPE HOPE < with some Fs in the front is my fealing
  3. When 3 mins will feal like 3 years > the chelsea way of late
  4. This is going to be a 1-0 win , but it will still leave 1000s untold questions as to why how negative we played / looked / are and that the team and frank never seem to learn from previous 3 games since last 15 mins of palace game
  5. I did call a 1-0 win of pure misery In the early pages in this thread
  6. I be crapping me sen if this game went to penalty’s ,what with that Krul even their keeper
  7. I think shagwell town would get too close to comfort for us aswell on this showing so far
  8. This is where teams today are lacking a real captain just like terry or keane ,Adams etc etc ,captions who could read the game and the team and act accordingly to fix issues like this sh*te from the pitch by their own performance and tounges .
  9. I was sat thinking the same thing ,it’s to the teams delight that there are no fans in the ground for that exact reason ,iam having the odd boo while sat in me front room watching this and it’s only me old girt and kids that can hear me .
  10. This seems to be a typical cfc 2nd half lacking of putting the game to bed performance and keeping us all on tender hooks ffs . what iam watching now is far from 3rd place in the prem standard of football / togger / footy / jumpers for goal posts
  11. Both teams just about to bring their options of U boats on
  12. Think I heard in the sheff utd game ,that cfc had scored the least amount of goals from corners this season ,but I can’t confirm it that’s the whole prem or the top few teams
  13. If cfc should ever get relegated to the champ and then down to league one or league two god forbid , I will at least be covered been able to catch whatever cfc game via that ifollow set that gives me heaps and heaps of teams ( AS they say in Australia ) games in my subscription .
  14. Iam on a mag box 254 and have various options from different country’s to watch the game ,been on this system for last 5 years best thing since sliced bread as you never ever will miss a game whenever it’s played 99% of the time . i find the yank commentary far more easy on me lug holes

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