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  1. Thanks for the watford shout i forgot all about the hornets rise to the top table .should afc bournemouth be mentioned amongst this bread of clubs ?
  2. Slight change of direction with this one,but did anyone clock that crazy gang as in Wimbledon fc documentry that was 90 mins long on bt sports Channel over the weekend . I for one thought it was very very good and well worth any enterance fee. Which got me thinking the teams that have come from the lower Leagues or division that have made their way to the top table and achieved things . derby County ,Wigan atheletic,notts Forest and Wimbledon from top of my head over the last 40+ years .maybe salford fc might be the next team to do so ?
  3. GOOD MORNING LONDON !!!! This is a strange one since it is good News but its during this virus lockdown stance by the government. Before the virus broke out we at least reading reports of deaths in London due to stabbings at least once a week and sometines twice a week ,all across some of the nations newspapers . Trump had past comments on London knife crime and iam sure we all know how bad it was and like me sick to back teeth of hearing about the knife crime. since this virus lockdown has kicked in or Even before the lockdown while the virus had broke out in London there was no reported knife crimes on Londons streets . I guess its a bit of a incorrect thing to bring up but it is what it is . Question is when this virus clears up 100%, do some streets of London return to been the sh*tholes they was beforehand ?
  4. In particular restaurants, cinemas, theatres, pubs, clubs, etc Pubs >>> karaoke bars
  5. Bugger me ever this virus has been dropoed onto us i have FORGOT all about brexit and whatever comes with it down the Road . may i Ask the question will this push all things brexit down the Road with the can some distance
  6. No matter how things are dressed up rightly or wrongly you cant hide the fact that Chinese in auz were buying up all the stock of important equipment that helps all against the virus .There was that much of the stuff bought it was getting shipped back to China by the container load ,not like yer normall fag run in a suit case . for the Chinese whoever in auz must have been informed by whoever back in China what was going on and what they needed to buy to help fight the virus . from where iam looking China are guilty as changed your honour ,unless some remarkable info falls into my iPad telling me different . thanks for the interesting write up fella
  7. After spending alot more time reading that link provided and if the virus hits really really hard across America ,trumps actions or lack of actions and should have taken the threat far more seriously like south Korea did ,this might cost trump next time the States goes upto vote. we all know that if trump has made a rite pigs ear of things he will employ so called spin experts to try to rectify his balls up somehow. if Clinton was running again he have a better chance ,so the other lot have to select correctly
  8. You're making it out as if it's some sort of major global secret. The story was in the Metro! Its not exactly a dark conspiracy! Not making it out to be any secret at all as anyone can Google it ,iam at the point of trying to workout if its fake News or to put it more bluntly its a load of olde bollocks etc etc
  9. iam not quite happy to quote any links yet for two reasons ,as i said in my post that i cant workout if its fake News as clickbait scroungers and i guess i will only fully take it on board when the media have got a grasp on it .
  10. Had a quick Flick throu that link and it certainly opens ones eyes ,which brings me to my normall fealing about the USAs mindset on most matters which is baised on money matters . i will have to take a longer read of it to fully take onboard and Thanks for the link fella
  11. Communists governments mindsets >>> Tiananmen square 1989 >>> 2020 and the CCP are still do all it can to say this never happened to its popoulatin ,give it another 20 to 30 years and that event will have been fully wiped from chinas history within its country as new generations would not have a scobby about it and the older generation will have been brainwashed not too mention it . This mindset or type of government will never fit into our society since we was not born into it like russians ( CCCP) or Chinese people are .Look at Russia now after that young german flew his light wingend aircraft under radar of the CCCP and landed into red square ,during the cold war issues . this flight and landing helped turn the CCCP into Russia today as all that CCCP mindset went out of the window .Is russia better today ??? Well it looks like so from outside looking in to me
  12. Hantavirus ??? I fell onto some recent footage on this virus since a man was found dead on a bus in China quite recently . This virus is carried by rats and is passed onto humans via the rat been a food source ,which is what been reported happened to this chap on the bus .Get your tin hats on if this is correct since its many times more dangerous than cov=19 . I now have seen 3 or 4 more reports on this and still in mindset of that its fake News malarky and if this is the case the concept of pillocks starting such News need a dam good whipping at 11 bells
  13. Living on this side of the pond we dont really Get to hear read or see things like this ,so thanks for the info .i cant quite make my mind up if trump is a good or bad egg after reading the above ,i dont Even think corbin or abbot would have pulled a stunt like that over here for all their madness

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