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  1. Question i Ask me sen if cfc had beat Bayern via hook line or sinker over two games , would that lads have beaten that sh*te Barca performance tonight ,if only eh eh eh
  2. I got zero points just like the Norwegians got in euro vision ,but unlike the noggys i never noticed that i was in a competition ,hence the ddrblue null pts . my memory is shocking
  3. Sheffield bastard wednesday > i hate this lot more than Leeds Leeds Leeds for various reasons . out of the two Sheffield clubs i allways had a softer spot for the blades and from my experience the BBC was a far better set of lads than the owls crime squad . Had to give my head a slight wobble when i was told that some cfc lads had a close connection with sheff weds ? It was hear say so can anyone confirm that please ? used to know two sheff weds lads from donny area and was quite often getting their hands dirty at sheff weds games . One night when round town they was chewing my ear off since the week before they had been in a altercation with some chelsea and one the donny owls had his gold belcher nicked . That was sometime in the mid or late 1980s . sometime after they both seem to vanish from the donny scene and i never saw owt of them for some years . I was at that Mikita tournment that was help at 3 point lane and cfc were playing against Spurs ,when a lad with a cockney accent said hello to us ,it was one of the former donny owls who had moved down to London and was now chelsea ,i was shocked . i got Even more shocked when the other donny owl crossed over to chelsea and he and would take his kids down to SB for games from the garden of England since he still lived up our neck of the Woods in a different town . strange , very strange
  4. Must have got mixed up somewhere ,it will not be first or the last time . On dickinson i never saw him at a chelsea game ,but everytime i went into Europe watching England with the chelsea lot dickinson was allways amongst the chelsea lot bybthe time i caught up with them . i think he might have been from helmel hemstead as he seemed to be with the helmel lot . My god he liked a drink and was one of the most funny lads on the trip i found .
  5. Maybe iam been over harsh with this but i never want to see Christensen in a chelsea shirt again ,thats not just on tonights performance thats on his whole season this term . I have no confidence as in him at all and when i see him in the starting line up i watch him Even closer in hope he shows a glimmer of what our back line needs ., and he as never passed the test for me
  6. I was not expecting any different from mr Christensen tbh
  7. I will be honest now iam now looking at what pubs are near me ,but issue is that they will be showing the game aswell
  8. Well at least this game should be stress Free tonight unsless the usuall suspects make d icks of them sens
  9. Head bags were alot more cool and trendy than that sorry effort fella ,got a photo knocking about somewhere of 30+ cfc at Berlin airport after landing day before the poland v England game in poznan 1992 i think it was . Think it was dickinson who got all the headbags clipped onto another head bag in a long head bag train ,there was 9 headbags on the first train of bags with a 2nd train not far behind
  10. Red/blue headbag with the long red shoulder strap ,every fcuker had one and whenever England was playing away thats when Even the pilot and his crew would board the flight deeming one it seemed
  11. Dungarees and if they was ever trendy > in my book they was never trendy ,but i do recall clocking some donnywhites in pairs of the dam things for a short time . As for Donkey jackets they was massive up our neck of the Woods when the puts was open ,as they were a coal miners second skin ,black donkey jackets with a orange patch across the shoulders with NCB in black on it > National Coal Board > which soon became No c**ts Bothered
  12. I will put you out of your pain fella >>> headbags >>>
  13. Got me thinking now where i got the slacks from if it was not M&S
  14. Here is a question > we did not ever wear this item but it was deemed by many in the late 1980s early 1990s from my memory . i only ever saw red/blue ones ? recall a England trip and went with about 30+ chelsea and there must have been 30+ of these red/blue things in question . i even recall lads up are neck of the woods struting round town in the day time with empty ones . a classic memory was been at headlingley for the cricket and after the final ball no end of lads streaming across the pitch ( all dirty Leeds ) with this said item and they all looked empty . what is it ?
  15. I have no confidence in Christensen whatsoever as a defender which is his main task ,his positive is that he looks ok been on the ball brining it out of the defence ,but that’s not the point is it . he seems to lack Ariel ability in the Centre of the defence ,and when we his go up for a set play you never expect him to do anything creative via his head as a Knock on or god forbid a goal > hence no goal threat < maybe iam thinking he will be like a john terry ,but far from that iam sorry to say Christensen is
  16. We can’t blame the ref for how bad cfc played we looked shocking in the last 35 mins of the first half we pass back to our back line all the time . Two forced injury’s type of tied franks hands on his substitutions ,but we came out in the 2nd half looking exactly the same as the first half ,or arsenal stepped of the gas a little . chelseas season > beat wolves a step forward > next game a step backwards due to our first half performance today
  17. That’s us fcuked then with a capital F , 3 subs made so can’t do owt from the bench just hope Lady Luck pulls her blue shirt on
  18. Iam going to call it ,if we keep on passing back to our back line to pass about one of them will be caught napping or short and it’s 1-2 to them
  19. Can’t understand why arsenal are not going for our throats while we seem so off ,we can only get better
  20. 55 mins and we still seem to be exactly the same as the last 35 mins of 1st half ,am I missing something ?
  21. At the moment the only way I see us lifting the cup is after a penalty shoot out ,it’s a two horse race and cfc are not back in the race yet ,fingers and toes crossed the tide turns
  22. Pedro on ,iam happy with Mr Pedro trying his best to help drag us out of the mire
  23. No subs ,that’s a worry when you see how sh*te we have been ,hope the H-T talk does the trick

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