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  1. Far from it fella ,all i Ask is to enjoy when watching my football ,if women was that good at commentating on the premeirship football what dont MOTD use a women for the 1st or 2nd or 3rd match highlights it shows every saturday night ? When they will put the game that the women commentates on as the last and least important prem game that day ? you should have watched the mistake the women presenter did on bbc2 last night for the FA-cup 1st round draw . i would not expect to hear a man commentating on womens horse jumping or that underwater swiming sport .
  2. Did not know that ,and now I do know that it’s been to start to eat me from my toes upwards Goal to chelsea 0—1 ,have we loaned the Russian team kepa to play for them tonight ? That goal looked very very kepaish
  3. Be interesting to see how many on here would be happy to attend whatever game at SB with a 15,000 crowd limit for arguments sake ,with a free match ticket and to follow whatever cov 19 rules set in place . I will get the ball rolling with a > not on your nelly > No No No >
  4. Since we don’t have kepa between the sticks a defeat is never on my mind anymore for obvious reasons
  5. It’s all been about the 3rd kit so far and a missed penalty for cfc
  6. That’s what I thought but they are far more watchable than the glow worms who work for BT and SKY sports today > now this will upset many but it is what it is as on bein sports you never get women commentating or as studio guests on men’s games which floats my boat .
  7. Penalty miss > can’t blame kepa > so I will play the 3rd kit
  8. Are they honestly deeming that shocking 3rd kit as a sales push in hope one or two blind fans will buy it . penalty given
  9. I have binned bt sports and sky sports a month or so back just before the £14.95 ppv scam ,now on bein sports and no complaints at all especially on premiership games with gray/ keys running the show .
  10. This kit is that bad iam crying out to go back to the days of black/ white tv I kid you not
  11. At what minute will the cameras pan round to him ? Straight after chelsea score I say
  12. I think it’s about time that all prem teams stop taking knees for the blm movement when you dig deep into all things blm
  13. Wonder if there is a mob of chelsea in the home end on end clearing duties ?
  14. I’d dear dear dear me ,when they came onto pitch and as soon as they got within eye sight and I clocked that 3rd strip they have on I had to hide behind my cushion ,looks like I will be watching all this game from behind said cushion ffs ,what pillocckk decides what strip the club wears these days ? A club man or a sales person tied to adidas
  15. This band is from lpool with this track > there she goes > the la’s > 1987 > I guess this one might have passed by many of you back then ,but it got my attention due to the opening and the video got me transfixed to the track aswell >
  16. Yes iam a big caballero fan fella , I can’t stand it When kepa is on the bench to mendy in prem games ,should mendy get a injury at whatever prem game then kepa has to come and CFC are back to square one with kepa in goal . like I said kepa can play tonight’s game and have a horror show since it will not effect cfcs premiership placing . as for the drink punt > no stress at all fella and I found it quite funny punt and gave me a good chuckle
  17. T - total these days fella so as sober as a judge , i rather kepa play tonight than any prem game as the prem is far more important too me than the chumps league tbh . If kepa is still going to persist in dropping bollockkkks I can sleep with that during chumps league games of this sort > then I be happy to throw kepa under a buss or off a cliff edege without stress to my sleep pattern .
  18. I have to add when we went to moscow for that CSKA CL group game a few years back ,moscow was the only city that i have been to across Europe that i would be happy to return to . Nobody spoke english - tick , your eyes was spending just as much time looking at the roof tops aswell as Street level - tick , underground station that served red square - tick tick tick , red square - tick tick tick
  19. I have been gjving kepa a lot of stick of late due to his Gary sprake tendencies ,but for this game iam more than happy to throw him back into the deep end in hope it helps sort his act out . > In kepa i trust < aka IKIT
  20. It does what it says on the tin if you have not seen it for yonks or missed it ,enjoy and thank me later >
  21. Iam going to throw this band into the fray > the Stone roses > it is said by many that if the Stone roses had not got into a dispute with their agent which inturn prevented them from recording any new material for 3 years ,whilst the Stone roses was at their peak ,they would have matched the Beatles if not bettered them . The 3 year block on the band doing new material basically put a rnd to them at the start of their prime . i now produce these two tracks played straight after each other at madison square gardens 2016 > waterfall and dont stop > dont stop is waterfall been played backwards ,i dont know of any band that has been able to pull off such a said feat ? >
  22. When I saw the big mamma stroll out of the shadows I saw a big mamma with a Burberry shirt and Burberry sun hat on > the track speaks/ sings for its self . Lesson learnt today was that Elvis did a cover version of houndog ,and thats the thing with many artits today and from years back that cover versions only give half the history and its worth tracing back tracks to its roots.
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