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  1. The Ruud Boys flag is my mates the one next to is mine Chelsea Sussex Blues which was nicked in Real Betis away I hung outside the balcony of the hotel and some spanish git nicked it
  2. Anyone know what games the top two pics are from?????
  3. Is this at Old Trafford anyone know the season and score please
  4. Guy in the White Helmet looks Barry out of Auf Wiedersehen, Pet Timothy Spail
  5. Must of been drinking what Hoddle was drinking the crap he was spouting anti Chelsea kept creaming his pants about Messi
  6. I remember listening to these before we use to set off for a saturday game in the 80s at my mates house when kick offs were 3pm THOSE WERE THE DAYS no sky telling you what time you could kick off
  7. His first name was Bob cant remember his surname
  8. What season was this was it when the ICF were at the bottom of the shed at just steemed in from both sides ????? 82/83 I think can't be sure
  9. Dont Know wether this is Fans queuing for Repaly Tickets ???? For Leeds Utd
  10. sh*t kits are us think your right with Burnley

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