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  1. I have the the tour programme for this & also knocked up a copy for John Boyle
  2. Out with my mate John Boyle & Alan Hudson last week.
  3. Check out 3:16 when the bloke in the tunnel gets twatted in the head by the ball
  4. I've every home prog since 1956 & around 103 short of every away.
  5. Interesting that Mike Fillery is in the team photo & left Aug 83 to QPR
  6. I went out with John Boyle last week & he brought along one of his scrapbooks which contains the match report for this game..i also got a mate a programme from this game a few days ago.
  7. I'm guessing Highbury....Just by the shadow of the roof..might be wrong tho.
  8. I remember the game very well..i managed to get my prog signed by all that night apart from Paul Canoville...however 3 years ago that was rectified
  9. I actually have every home programme 1956-97 & not far off having all aways in that period...& all home & most aways 2002 to present.
  10. I'm sure there was an Esso TV Advert featuring the team in the 70's..Ive never seen it..never been able to find it..but there was a feature in a home Programme at the time.
  11. Most strange as i was sat here with my dad...exact view
  12. I recently picked up my 2nd signed photo of Peter Houseman.
  13. Before my time but prob my fav player from the past..I recently obtained a signed photo of him from 1968.....Sometime ago i posted on an Oxford Utd forum about him & their fans reply were so touching cheers Jim
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