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  1. Does anyone know if a print of this is available anywhere?
  2. What a star! Great mural.
  3. I would say: “Listen bro, please just go ahead with the plans that you spent so much time and money on”.
  4. I remember being up the shed singing ’We all agree, The Sweeney is better than Starsky’!
  5. Think I’ve gone from Levi sta-press to flares then back again. Harrington mostly, sometimes a donkey jacket. Always Doctor Martens (Never gone out of fashion) still wear a Ben Sherman now and again. Never liked the Pringle gear or the tracksuits. Loved the ski hats.
  6. Good luck David, you gave me plenty of entertainment. A great personality with young supporters especially.
  7. Four officials can’t referee a game? They need a video assistant? I still prefer jumpers for goalposts. Wasn’t it?
  8. I’m torn, I really don’t like any of our managers getting the sack but because its created a precedent where the new man comes in and does well it seems to have worked thus far. Chelsea waited a long time and worked hard to acquire Sarri’s services. Is he about to create something special next season? No one knows. I’m sure the club will have Lampard in their sights, he’s an intelligent man who carries himself well and is well loved here. We question his lack of experience, Gullitt, Vialli and Di Matteo didn’t do too badly. If he does come and gets off to a good start the place will be rocking. If he doesn’t, I hope people aren’t as fickle as they are at United.
  9. It’s a shame. It has the opportunity to be so good. Documentaries and live games would help. Guess it’s all down to money/Subscribers etc.
  10. I had an Alan Hudson poster on my bedroom wall, gutted when he left for Stoke. A top player who has a great story to tell. Unfortunately, he doesn’t do himself any favours regarding Chelsea Football Club but I sincerely hope this film gets made. Thinking about it, modern players are so boring in comparison.
  11. I’m one of the few who detest VAR. Hazard goes done the wing, beats three players, great cross to Morata who’s sprinted forty yards, diving header, great goal and the crowd goes nuts! Hang on everybody, don’t cheer just yet, let’s just see if anyone was offside, interfering with play, did anyone say something they shouldn’t have etc. etc. Bang goes the excitement, the spontaneity. I read once that Abramovich loves football because it’s unpredictable, the ref may of had a row with his wife that morning. Please don’t ruin this beautiful game.

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