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  1. It’s a shame. It has the opportunity to be so good. Documentaries and live games would help. Guess it’s all down to money/Subscribers etc.
  2. I had an Alan Hudson poster on my bedroom wall, gutted when he left for Stoke. A top player who has a great story to tell. Unfortunately, he doesn’t do himself any favours regarding Chelsea Football Club but I sincerely hope this film gets made. Thinking about it, modern players are so boring in comparison.
  3. I’m one of the few who detest VAR. Hazard goes done the wing, beats three players, great cross to Morata who’s sprinted forty yards, diving header, great goal and the crowd goes nuts! Hang on everybody, don’t cheer just yet, let’s just see if anyone was offside, interfering with play, did anyone say something they shouldn’t have etc. etc. Bang goes the excitement, the spontaneity. I read once that Abramovich loves football because it’s unpredictable, the ref may of had a row with his wife that morning. Please don’t ruin this beautiful game.
  4. Head says Lampard Heart says Osgood/Wilkins
  5. Robin Friday Rodney Marsh Stan Bowles Johan Cruyff An interesting mixture.
  6. Staying where we are is paramount. It’s going to be worth every penny. Employing local people, creating jobs etc. The stadium’s iconic look is forever, not some cheap mistake like West Ham have bought into.
  7. One of our best. Top man Ray.
  8. I’m with you on this. I’ve dreamt of this new stadium since he 70’s. We must keep up or get left behind. It’s more than a stadium, it’s a statement of intent to move forward. A modern, iconic London landmark. Can’t wait.
  9. We’ve overcome some major hurdles already, the permissions, the planning. The New White Lane seems to be moving swiftly. I seem to remember a short documentary on the Emirates being built. Arsenal had quite a few logistical problems to overcome but got there nonetheless.
  10. It’s difficult to predict what may happen in football terms, but I’m sure when the new stadium is up and running, we’ll attract even more top players to the capital. I’m so chuffed this is happening, it was really disappointing not seeing the 1970’s model not come to fruition. The design is incredible, it’s more than a football ground. An iconic statement we can all be proud of. I’ve waited this long, I can wait a few more years yet.
  11. He was told to do a job yesterday and did it well. I would have burst a lung if he'd scored from that header! Think he needs someone with him (Hazard) then see how it goes. Good luck Alvaro.

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