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  1. why are you using this as a defensive stance? opinions aren't some infallible gospel. yes, i think that a striker who scores lots of goals (top quality and important ones too) on a regular basis will get more credit for his goals than a striker who sparsely scores (never mind them being good, nor important). that's the reasoning for my opinion which seems rational to me, now what reasoning are you using for your opinion?
  2. torres scored a great goal last night but people (myself included) are more impressed of the 'worth' of a goal when it comes from a reliable source, so to speak.
  3. if van persie scored that goal then people would be lauding over it much more because he does it on a regular basis and you're safe in the knowledge that it is pure skill whereas with torres it is fair to assume, based on his form for the past 2 and a half years, that more luck was involved and therefore it is less praise-worthy. basically 'context' is the important word here
  4. good, because that argument wouldn't have held up
  5. alrighty, thats your opinion. just thought you mightve contradicted yourself there
  6. just pointing out evissy's hypocrisy. "The support for the Chelsea manager in a Chelsea forum, are you mad?"
  7. didn't see much support on here of a certain manager a few months back
  8. rooney not only passed to van persie but also made a fantastic run to create confusion and time for him
  9. doesnt even make sense. hope that was a joke
  10. he wasnt convincing on the ball in pre-season. looked much better off it.
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