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  1. Didn't expect him to fire on all cylinders from the first game - it's important to have another goal threat especially with Willian in the side.
  2. Expect to see a lot more of him playing next to Matic in the pivot after last night. Especially when we face any half decent team away from home
  3. If he can't make it in a mid table Italian club he has no chance to rediscover his form in any club in La Liga or the EPL. He should just retire but he won't, since he is still getting guaranteed pay for the next year and a half.
  4. The thing is Mikel is usually very sound choice when paired with another defensive player(or semi defensive player). I always though he was best in the pivot next to Essien, right now he seems to be playing very well next to Matic. Most of his deficiencies are exposed when playing with an attacking player and he needs to cover more ground.
  5. He got us all a gift for Christmas Terry Christmas everyone
  6. We do have several people on these forums which support other teams, I think they would vote for him to stay. I would too if the tables were reversed
  7. He would not get one, because he would never play enough matches to be eligible for a medal. Besides he is bad luck we haven't won the League since we signed him
  8. He will have a role this season. Very good cameo dat backheel
  9. I think that if he wasn't favored after our CL victory he would have asked to leave on his own, he still had a high opinion of himself at that time.
  10. Well there was coincidental sackings to every manager that questioned Torres as first choice. AvB compared him to Kezman and Sheva got sacked shortly after; RdM benched him and preferred a false nine sacked shortly after. We finally have a manager with enough authority to not use him and a season later that manager has allowed him to leave. We are likely to sign Remy as replacement and it would be an upgrade over Torres. Like I said I think there was a lot of nepotism around Torres and our board were making decision based on what would make him return some of the investment instead of con
  11. He has left, he was a flop, he blocked the progress of much better strikers only due to his wage and transfer amount. I would not have had as much of a problem with him in the squad if he wasn't constantly picked by Carlo, AVB and RdM. There were better options within the squad who deserved to start much more than him. The fact that he pushed for being unquestionable number one after our CL victory, which was not our board's doing. Our board and Roman bend over backwards to accommodate him - I've said who ever made the decision to have Torres as our first option after our CL victory is to
  12. Should have been let go after we won the CL. Was going to write something longer but I'm just glad we can finally put this behind us. The Era-rror of Torres is over I think this is great for the club and for the forum.
  13. As people said before it doesn't matter how much we are paying Torres cause it's not our money and the club decided to pay so much. Now the clubs needs to decide how much to pay him so we can get rid
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