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  1. The question is how many of those chances were clear cut?
  2. Tell us something we don't know.
  3. I meant when we are playing against teams that like to park the bus.
  4. I'm yet to be convinced that a striker will solve all our problems. We've been piss poor this season at creating clear cut chances.
  5. Far better? What has Eto'o done for you to say that he is far better?
  6. I still think he is our best striker when fully fit and in form.
  7. Torres didn't really get much service to be fair. Arsenal's defence was also better than they have been in recent years against us.
  8. Emile Heskey is good enough in your books, if thats the case.
  9. He started the last season well and also ended the season before that well, hes just not consistent enough to maintain his current form. Secondly 22 goals in 64 games isnt even allthat great for a striker, if he didnt score against inferior opposition in the EL most people would want him to leave.
  10. Disagree hes been more underrated than average.
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