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  1. The pikeys loved to get in early and claim the result. Hollow victories.
  2. Yes mate I was in shed for that game too. Was that the game where they had a small mob in middle of the shed surrounded by the o.b. And they eventually had it on there toes? How come we had a tidy firm at Highbury yet 2 days later we let that happen?
  3. Proud to say I was in the north bank that day. 14 years old. Great day.
  4. Suprrb photos thank you David for posting them.priceless, wonderful.
  5. f**k him only care about the players and fans who love our club!
  6. Chim chimney chim chimney chim chim cheroo Gascognes a geordie and now he's a Jew !
  7. He's only a poor little y...o he stands at the back of the shelf he creeps up the bar to buy a lager and only gets one for himself !
  8. Thanks for posting that Boyne. The shed looked rammed in that clip. What a great place Stamford bridge was. A special place for all us old chels. Brings a tear to a silly old 54 year olds eye. My burning love of the Chelsea of yesteryear still smoulders on !!!
  9. For many of us chels spurs are the natural target for our hatred and vitriol which is fully understandable However, for me, it's West Ham . Having witnessed them "taking" our beloved shed on several occasions in the late 70s and on one of these times seriously damaging my beige Harrington! What's the definition of taking an end ? Is it getting in by 1.30 and being surrounded by o.b. Or is it clearing an end at 3pm. West Ham were very good at the former! As a young lad returning home from s.b. Could prove a traumatic experience, espescially after night games. On one occasion,at Mile End station I was waiting for an east bound central line train when I was confronted by three pikies , one in a donkey jacket and claret and blue bobble hat. Chelsea c...t he hissed and I found myself being batterd against a chocolate machine . Luckily I was saved by a couple of l.u. Workers ,no serious injury . My brave attackers had spotted my programme in my jacket pocket . The age of these tasty geezers ? Mid 20s . Me 15. I had my revenge a few years later........
  10. Think we met at the Shakespeare in Victoria for the re arranged fixture. A really good game as I remember. Love. Beating those pikey big mouths.
  11. We had a tasty firm out for the West Ham game and it struck me as strange the game was cancelled due to a frozen pitch. It wasn't that cold and other London games went ahead. Shame as we may have had a result

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