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  1. I remember the walk back to lime street station it took ages with the muppets following us trying to take pop shots at us
  2. The young mates always look at me funny when I say 83/84 is my favorite seasons
  3. It was a great day out never seen so many Chelsea we even had a great mob in the North Stand , then down to Wimbledon against Man city game
  4. I was in Mexico for that world cup l done 82 Spain , 86 Mexico & 90 Italy plus Euro in 88 & 92 there were loads of Chelsea but the big firm were the little norther teams
  5. So sorry to heart this sad news he was part of the Chelsea family along with his dad Harry
  6. I was in the shed as well that night you just know it was going to kick off if we lost Then we went parson green ambush whu on there way back from Wimbledon
  7. I remember this day out it's the first time i saw Police horses on the terraces ,I remember when the fence collapse I was kick out and miss most of the game stuck outside.
  8. Also my favorite era all the great away games and that first win against Derby after we signed Dixon ,Nevin ,Spackman Under John Neil & Ian McNeil
  9. I was there that night we travel over on the Sunday so we were the first ferry into Ostend as luck had it I managed to convents the Police waiting for us that I was visiting friends in Brussels We stayed in Ostend and travel to Bruges on the morning of the game with out tickets we had a few drinks in the town center before making our way to the ground where we relies there was no chance of getting in so we made our way back to the local bar as we were having a drink it all kicked of outside ,with that the police came in and had everyone out and up against the wall searching us but afterward let us back into the bar even us who didn't have tickets Just after kick of we went down to the ground and found someone selling tickets at half the price for our end so managed to get in . After the game we made our way back to Ostend for the night.
  10. Was on the side terraces that day great day and great laugh before and after the match having a run around chasing the Brighton
  11. Still to me one of the best season ever John Neil brought well and some of the best away support l ever seen no one could touch us on the pitch and off
  12. Where have the time gone I was 18 at the time of this clip.It only seem like yesterday I miss the old ground it my Chelsea
  13. I was in the west stand that night for the sunderlandg game and a group called Azect camera being escorted around the ground before kick off Even then you could feel the atmosphere in thea air that if we lose it was going to kick off Then you had the west ham ambush after the game on they way back from Wimbledon
  14. I remember that game funny enough I found the programme for that game just the other day as I was clearing out some old stuff. I can remember standing on the North Stand for a pre Season friendly against Arsenal I think Tony Woodcock just joined them and it was big news. And the last game I stood there was against Sheff Wednesday when Mick Thomas was playing for us
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