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  1. I think it was paint from the tube workers yard at Fulham Broadway. And a little mob went out at half-time to smash their way in and nick the paint.
  2. That looks like one of the old 12 seater mini buses before the law changed in 72. I remember travelling in like that from Kent when I played for my school against "Earthly" school on the gravel pitch at Clapham Comman, must have been 71. Our school sold their bus when the law changed.
  3. Cathy's just been on Swedish TV. http://www.aftonbladet.se/webbtv/sport/fotboll/bigten/article14530407.ab - I can do a complete translation (I live in Sweden) if you want. But basically the roving reporter tries to buy a ticket on the black market and sneak a box of celery into the ground.
  4. That painting? - I do have an idea who might have taken it. About this time I used to knock around with a Chelsea lass from Romford (as a friend). Just before Xmas a Chelsea mate of mine turned up in the Kings Road with the Russell Hobbs Chelsea teasmade. He said he had got it from the club shop but didn't want it and couldn't take it back as he did not have the box or the receipt. I got it for a score. I then popped it in xmas paper and turned up in Romford on Christmas Day 1982 and gave it to this girl's parents. I stayed the night and we were picked up by Cathy in the morning and then went and collected Doddy. I remember what a great feeling it was roaring along the Embankmant on way to QPR for that plastic pitch away game on Boxing Day, We won 2-0 but I digress.... Her parents figured out how to work the Chelsea teasmade and loaded it up a few days later. It woke them with a lovely pot of tea one morning and they drank it. They then got dressed and went downstairs only to find it was still only 3.45 am although the clock on the teasmade was 7.30. Many years later I found out the truth. Or a story that might be the truth, It is said that the guy that sold it to me used to hang around the East Stand after the games, he was on the look out for official team sheets that were printed and left in the Executive boxes. He found the Chelsea teasmade in one and couldn't resist it. Then when he turned up in the pub and had to answer questions he made up the story and I just steamed in with my £20 which he couldn't resist. The girl I gave it to? I lost contact with her but recently found her on facebook and we caught up. She married for the second time last summer, I thought of sending over a teasmade but resisted the irony. I did explain the "stolen" teasmade story and she cracked up having forgotten it. The guy that took it? Yes he was at the Chelsea disco. But I have nothing else to go on.....
  5. Sorry, it was not BM, he was not there. As I have photos of everyone there that night I can exclude only those not there.
  6. arrrrrrrrrrrrhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh - We're the tea-bar, we're the tea-bar, we're the tea-bar of the shed.
  7. The painting was stolen after the Chelsea disco evening in 81. I posted some pictures here earlier from that disco when Robson and co turned up with Ray Wilkins. The painting was from the Chelsea v Arsenal record crowd for a home team playing a league game at home. A record that still stands, 82,905. There are just two league games with higher attendences but these are disqualified because they were played at a neutral ground and thus drew attention from three sets of fans. The painting was lifted off of the wall in its frame. As far as I know it was never returned so I was one of the last people to see it. However I think the photo above may have been a photo that the painting was based on as the painting was in full colour.
  8. Tip: You can find the videos by doing a forum thread search
  9. Did anyone go to Birmingham for the 5-4 on New Years Eve?
  10. A win something we looked forward to? What about an away goal in 80-81 after Notts County in November? It became the bridge too far that season... As for Marina scoring both, well done. Date: Saturday, 1st November 1975 Competition: Football League Division 2 Position 14 Venue: Stamford Bridge Attendance: 20,096 Referee: Derek W Civil (Birmingham) Chelsea 1 Peter Bonetti, 2 Gary Locke, 3 Ron Harris, 4 Garry Stanley, 5 Micky Droy, 6 John Dempsey, 7 Ian Britton, 8 Ray Wilkins, 9 Teddy Maybank, 10 Ian Hutchinson, 11 Bill Garner Scorers Britton 4, Wilkins 58 Manager Eddie McCreadie Plymouth Argyle Aleksic, Darke, Burrows, Green, Rioch, Delve, Randall, Johnson, Mariner, Rafferty, McAuley Scorers Mariner 70, Mariner 75 Manager Tony Waiters As for our number 9 that day, Teddy Maybank, does anyone else remember him being the bloke (out of three) that was picked by the lass on the very first episode of "Blind Date" hosted by Cilla Black?
  11. The Hereford game, page 22 on here, you can see clearly how there is a load of rubble and bulldozers in the old north stand.
  12. Greyhound racing: The first meeting took place on 31st July 1937. Meetings continued for 31 years until the curtain came down on 1st August 1968. There are some more facts here. http://www.oleole.com/stadiums/stamford-bridge/history/vhin.html However this site shows greyhound badges for the ground dating back to 33. http://www.greyhoundderby.com/Stamford%20Bridge%20Greyhound%20Stadium.htm And some wonderful pictures and stories from the grounds speedway days dating back to 28 http://www.defunctspeedway.co.uk/Stamford%20Bridge.htm
  13. > wobbly How wobbly was it? There were rumours it used to shake when tube trains went past. Also, when was it built and do you know if there were supposed to be 3 more of them built to identical specs at the North End?
  14. Having spent the last few weeks on here and thinking about the old days I have taken a new interest in a lot of the old stuff. Whilst many pictures and videos have been posted I have found out just how much I do remember. I will probably get round to that book soon. I have been more involved in the Chelsea chats in Facebook as well. This afternoon I saw a lot about Peter Osgood who died 6 years ago today. A Chelsea mate on Facebook remarked that there was a rather special horse running in the 17.10 at Taunton. The horse's name? Osgood! - Well I just had to. I am not a gambling man and I can't remember betting on a horse since West Tip rode home the National back in 86. So I logged into William Hill, put £50 on the nose and Osgood came in at 9/2. Without you lot on here it is doubtful I would have done this. So next time I am over in the UK I've got a £225 bar float and hope to meet up with you lot in a Chelsea boozer! Cheers lads! Did anyone else back it?
  15. I think the Celtic hate started when it became popular to sing "No surrender to the IRA", a few high profile bombings, Harrods, Regent's Park, Brighton and so on and then of course national pride around the time we were at war in the Falklands. Yes Scotch and Welsh guards were killed down there but the Cardiff fans sung "Argentina" against us so..... maybe the Argies had Celtic support.

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