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  1. I'm giving up trying to work out what our strategy is supposed to be.. whatever it is, it's very tedious to watch.
  2. Yep...there is the theory of SarriBall and what we actually witnessed.
  3. Irrespective of what the stats relate to, I found it extremely pleasing to see Jordan Henderson in the relegation zone.
  4. Missed the boat this time round (Held back on the raunchy posters...entertaining film though..thought provoking plot coupled with superb staging)
  5. All seems very quiet in Kai corner...hopefully they're busy counting the money....
  6. Excellent footballer who can lead by example maybe. Not sure he's the ball breaking vocal presence we need though. His captaincy of Brazil didn't go too well as I recall.
  7. Noble thoughts however I suspect Command & Control are the way things get finalised under Roman's tenure.
  8. So he was...should have checked before attempting smart remarks.
  9. Apparently Arteta has been sniffing around...revisiting the 7-1 partnership is a possibility then. Notwithstanding it'll be a tad disappointing if we can't find a space for him for a year or two.
  10. Very impressive again...great shop window for him. I'm sure he'll be snapped up pretty soon.
  11. What for? Finishing last in the pre-season sprint sessions?
  12. Really impressive tonight but lets see how he does against PSG before we get too excited.
  13. Granted only one game but didn't display any of the leadership qualities we sorely need... Total whinge-bucket. Hope this is one that goes away.
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