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  1. If we don't dominate possession and bag a few goals something is seriously wrong. Disappointed not to see RLC and CHO start...….
  2. Arizzabalaga ! Arizzabalaga ! Bakes bread in his Aga Gets occasional cramp He's such a cheeky scamp Not listening to Sarri Last seen on safari Arizzabalaga ! Arizzabalaga !
  3. Yeah...fine him a few grand, demote him the bench for a few games ...that'll teach 'em. I'd go further and make him park in the visitors car park, wash his own kit and buy his own laces. Not for too long of course....have to remember he's a superstar after all.
  4. Thought we grew into the game and they all look fired up which was good to see. Notwithstanding, Kepa's performance prior to shootout was a disgrace and indefensible. Another reason I'm rapidly losing interest in the sport. Imagine a batsman refusing to walk or Eddie Jones's directives being ignored...bad example to all. He's a brat that I don't want to see wear the shirt again... Hopefully Sarri gets some proper backing now.
  5. Exactly....mind you they did have Sammy Lee on the coaching staff....deep pockets required now.
  6. I propose a managerial job share. Just retain Conte as defensive co-ordinator and Sarri to take care of attacking duties. Use the £9m saved in not paying out Conte's contract to pay Sarri's release clause. Not sure who gets the big desk but perhaps one of them can arrange to WFH.... Now let's move on..........
  7. FFS .... Pedro starts....(happy to be called out after he has a stormer)
  8. Of course winning is important, but would be equally pleased to see us change our strategy. Probably employing Luiz as a 'rush-goalie' is a step too far, but a change in formation and a few fresh faces would be equally encouraging.
  9. That's it Chelsea. Hoof it to Eden and hope he beats 6 men and then slots it home. That's the way to do it.
  10. Scanning the various transfer threads today has made for some of the most depressing reading I can recall. Echo most of the sentiments from you sensible chaps and totally do not understand why we're not in pole position for a much needed world class attacker.
  11. Need to put their back 4 under some pressure. Watching game in a Nubian village (Egypt) Salah mania out here unsurprisingly
  12. Always fearful when opening such negative threads.....wasn't disappointed....absolutely pointless. Give GC a break please .... And OP, I think your warm milk is ready.
  13. And Huddersfield beat Utd.....not too shabby a day after all.

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