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  1. Really impressive tonight but lets see how he does against PSG before we get too excited.
  2. Granted only one game but didn't display any of the leadership qualities we sorely need... Total whinge-bucket. Hope this is one that goes away.
  3. Suurbier, Rijsbergen, Haan & Krol, the 1974 Dutch backline wasn't too shabby...although the keeper was a little unorthodox as I recall. As a young'un had never seen defenders actually 'play' until then and Krol in particular was majestic. I guess they were a little too soft when compared to some of the hard bastards posted here but they were effective and good to watch.
  4. Enjoyed reading that...forgot how good they were to watch..... Remember sitting in a bar on holiday in Majorca watching the 92 Euros final with my new wife and daughter, bar full of Germans naturally...all expecting an easy win...first tournament post unification I think it was. All surprised how good they were. Great to watch...even the missus enjoyed it.
  5. Heard Kai referred to earlier as the German Dele Alli.. Jeez I hope he has significantly more battery life than that comparison.
  6. Thought he was poor tonight. Based on the hype expected a bit more. If anyone looked interesting then it was Cairney.
  7. Thought game was for the taking today. Unfortunately James and Alonso were poor and offered nothing offensively and Jorginho far too negative forcing Kovacic to come too deep to pick up the ball. Jorginho is a liability and all he does is perpetuate passing amongst the back line and rarely starts an offensive phase of play.... Clear to all however and I suspect/hope we won't see.much of him next season.
  8. Stats say different...anyway take it however chum..just a thought
  9. Seeing as we're flexing our poetic muscles. Our Kepa is having a mare So please don't judge me unfair He's too slow and too small And won't come for the ball And has wrists like a chocolate eclair
  10. We have a Jody Morris signed Panini sticker (circa 2002) which I'm happy to dig out. Barter with Kante and they might take us seriously.
  11. Smart move especially if it unsettles him and forces Utd's hand. But what if De Gea becomes available? Would we take him? Oblak or Ter Stegen would be fantastic but probably unlikely. De Gea appears distracted off field (no substance to that statement ... Just a hunch) and a new challenge might bring him back.
  12. If we don't dominate possession and bag a few goals something is seriously wrong. Disappointed not to see RLC and CHO start...….
  13. Arizzabalaga ! Arizzabalaga ! Bakes bread in his Aga Gets occasional cramp He's such a cheeky scamp Not listening to Sarri Last seen on safari Arizzabalaga ! Arizzabalaga !
  14. Yeah...fine him a few grand, demote him the bench for a few games ...that'll teach 'em. I'd go further and make him park in the visitors car park, wash his own kit and buy his own laces. Not for too long of course....have to remember he's a superstar after all.
  15. Thought we grew into the game and they all look fired up which was good to see. Notwithstanding, Kepa's performance prior to shootout was a disgrace and indefensible. Another reason I'm rapidly losing interest in the sport. Imagine a batsman refusing to walk or Eddie Jones's directives being ignored...bad example to all. He's a brat that I don't want to see wear the shirt again... Hopefully Sarri gets some proper backing now.
  16. So now there are reports that various factions are complaining about Conte's training regime and methods being too hard and contributing to our injury backlog. Seems to go against the message from the playing staff that we need to 'work, work, work' to sort out our problems. Notwithstanding I fear the cycle of disruption is beginning to repeat itself irrespective of whether there is any truth to the rumours. Once you begin to openly criticise and report the way someone is doing their job then its downhill from there. Perhaps Carlo is the right man for the job. Rumours there were that the Bayern players organised their own training sessions as they felt they weren't being worked hard enough.
  17. Not helping his cause is Diego Whilst sunning himself in Tobago Dining daily on Goat Six Eggs and a Stoat He's now stuck inside his Gold Winnabago
  18. Doubtless I'm being naive but having him available and prepared to do a job, even until Jan would give us so many more options. He's still got a WC squad place to play for surely. Firmly believe the situation is redeemable even for a short term....he may be a complete twat with Feijoadas for brains but for the moment he's still our twat.
  19. So call me suspicious if you must but TomCFC85 has recently been spotted in his local store purchasing Torradas (a savoury bread type thing that's popular in Brazil) instead of his usual sliced white. This coupled with the fact that he appears to know a little too much about the current status of the Sandro fiasco leads me to suspect that our future LWB is in fact currently being held prisoner in Tom's cellar. So Tom if you could please give him a pen and get him to issue that Transfer request and put us all out of our misery....I would be much obliged.
  20. I'm encouraged to read Conte's positive comments about how well the squad are training etc.etc. Finally some reports on what he appears to enjoy most and that's coaching a title winning squad.
  21. It's Tony Adams surely...just check the grammar.
  22. Don't agree As you say had a good season, thought he played well yesterday, and if Moses is Conte's main man next season then makes perfect sense....

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