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  1. Rest easy Ladies & Gents.....the omens are good. When we won in 2012 we were in the middle of my son's 21st and better half's 50th birthday celebrations. ....and on Saturday it's my daughter's wedding day. Enough said...
  2. When I was a kid growing up, me and my mates used to play in the playground and dream of creating a strategic vision and sustainable commercial approach for the European football economic model....
  3. Definitely an enjoyable game but last night has left me with one burning question. Do Diego Simeone and Andros Townsend share the same hairdresser?
  4. You must be my better looking twin...well fancy that.
  5. Nice to see Havertz potentially supporting the striker...early days of course but hopefully we might begin to see what this kid can do.
  6. So part of his supposed genius / insane training methods involves players training on slippery surfaces.to improve balance etc. I would pay serious money to watch Rudiger take part in that session.
  7. So does this new appointment make us the new Tom Tom Club? What are words worth?....
  8. Uncle Tommy Tickles... On reflection that sounds a bit dubious...
  9. I'm a bit surprised that it's happened now since I thought he'd be given until the end of the season at least. Measuring Frank's performance against previous incumbents, particularly in these difficult times and the restrictions and lack of time on the time training pitch, is grossly unfair IMHO. Should have maybe considered beefing up the coaching staff before getting rid.... That said watching the boys recently has been a tough ask. Wishing Frank all the best in future endeavours and hope to see him back at some point.
  10. You do realise that they were the ones in blue tonight?
  11. I'd love to know what this great "vision" was that Frank sold so effectively to Havertz, Werner and others and whether it had anything to do with matters on the pitch. I don't mind us losing if there are visible signs of us trying to implement something but I don't see any of that....we're just shuffling playing staff around from game to game and surprise surprise we're too easy to play against.
  12. Leicester moved the ball far quicker than we did. It's about speed of thought and having a system of play that the players all buy into..and not about being 'nippy' I'm afraid.
  13. It certainly appears so and has been like this for some time now. Surely that's unacceptable and more than a bit baffling.
  14. I'm giving up trying to work out what our strategy is supposed to be.. whatever it is, it's very tedious to watch.
  15. Yep...there is the theory of SarriBall and what we actually witnessed.
  16. Irrespective of what the stats relate to, I found it extremely pleasing to see Jordan Henderson in the relegation zone.
  17. Missed the boat this time round (Held back on the raunchy posters...entertaining film though..thought provoking plot coupled with superb staging)
  18. All seems very quiet in Kai corner...hopefully they're busy counting the money....
  19. Excellent footballer who can lead by example maybe. Not sure he's the ball breaking vocal presence we need though. His captaincy of Brazil didn't go too well as I recall.
  20. Noble thoughts however I suspect Command & Control are the way things get finalised under Roman's tenure.
  21. So he was...should have checked before attempting smart remarks.
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