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  1. No wonder Werner is quick, constantly having to chase down his crap first touch. Come on mate, this is getting a bit silly now.
  2. I don't think anyone did? Just some sort of progression would have been nice..
  3. Mmm have to just laugh it off at this point. Laugh away the tears..
  4. I think the only difference between this and Sarris Chelsea was that 'style' of football had a name, not sure Frank will be rushing to call this Lampardball anytime soon.... I would love to know what the vision is that all of these transfers clearly bought into when they moved here.
  5. Is it me or were we more exciting last season? I get very little enjoyment watching this team right now.
  6. 90% of the time it's just headless from him. It's good effort but with very little purpose or direction, same goes for his distribution.
  7. Lovely strike. Something he was doing a lot more of in his early performances for us.
  8. Annoying that Christensen is down and out but f**k me switch on and pick up your man. Enough defenders in the box to deal with it and no one has the sense to look around. So basic and so avoidable.
  9. Stop being a melt. There were chances but certain individuals failed to capitalise. Spurs were set up well and will be taking points off the top six this season. Did you not see them beat city the other week? Draw isn't a bad result and we were the better team on the day, lots of positives to take from it.
  10. Fair play, let's be honest this guy deserves the best and we can't offer that. Wether Madrid can is to be seen but I hope he achieves what he's capable of because he's a world beater. Bye eden.
  11. It's a real thing of beauty. I've watched it so many times since getting back from the match, blink and you miss this little maestro. People can debate whether he is the top player in the world all day, but what isn't debatable is that there are very few players capable of that sort of play. On to Saturday!
  12. When will it end, oh please just let this window end. I don't even think Giroud is a bad player I just can't stand waking up each morning to hear about our 'next target'. Never known of such a headless pursuit or 'depicted' headless pursuit. Who knows what's going on..
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