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  1. You know it's bad when they are so confident of the win they bring on Walcott.
  2. CHO looking livlier but we don't break as a unit. It's very unenjoyable viewing so far..
  3. Man that was hard viewing, not even the fact we lost, more so because it was everything I expected to see. Predictable lineup with the same potential problems that we have every week and what do ya'know it's the same old crap that unfolds before us. I thought the players put in the effort, the whole motivation thing seems like a smokescreen to distract from the fact that we just aren't setting up in our strongest lineup. Like for like subs and absolutely no imagination or attempt to give United something new to deal with. If I was the opposing manager I could write down the substitutions we will make before the match and get 99% of them right. The players aren't executing whatever this plan A is, but I won't take seriously a manager who can't see that you have to have more then one approach to win a football match. Maybe it's admirable to think that your brand of football is/will be so dominating that it will crush anything that comes into it's path, but realistically this doesn't work for any top team and you have to be more malleable to create your own success. On to the next match..
  4. They are crap but we are hardly making ourselves dominant out there. 25 minutes gone and a non event. Never seem to be able to break with more than two players. Could be a long 90.
  5. Shame as they've offered little bar the penalty. This team is just screaming out for a striker, I know it's been said a million times. The forward players we have on the pitch are classy but they're not out and out goal scorerers. It's just so showing in games like these. On the plus I think CHO has been great, kante too.
  6. Yep, love the guy also but get your head up and focus, the ball is on the edge of your penalty box.. only watched it once but was it Christensen pulling his socks up while play was going on? You are taught at a very young age to play to the whistle, very sloppy goal to concede..
  7. Always nervy with this fixture in recent times! Anyone know of any sites that will show the full game shortly after it's finished? I am on a flight whilst the game is on so am looking to watch a re-run when I get back.
  8. It's a real thing of beauty. I've watched it so many times since getting back from the match, blink and you miss this little maestro. People can debate whether he is the top player in the world all day, but what isn't debatable is that there are very few players capable of that sort of play. On to Saturday!
  9. Get rid and move on. Can't stand the bloke and he clearly isn't interested in staying with the club.
  10. CHO giving bellerin a lesson.
  11. CHO is refreshing. Something special there.
  12. Another one for the baka showreel. Jesus christ..
  13. I know he scored a good goal the other week but i've always been amazed at Fabregas's inability to take on a shot from outside the box. Kante and Baka are potentially worse. Really makes you appreciate how good Lampard was at consistently delivering from those sorts of positions.
  14. Why not bring on hazard, it's unbelievable. What a shower this has been.

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