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Chelsea tickets collecting


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Hey guys,

This time a topic non-related to valid tickets for upcoming games, but to the ones that already have been played.

My name is Piotr and I live and study in Warsaw. Since 2004 one of my greatest hobbies has been collecting football tickets. I have loads of tickets (I haven't counted, but I guess that 3000 has already been reached - and still growing :) ) and would love to expand my collection. I am particularly interested in Chelsea tickets since I've been supporting CFC since the late nineties. Last holidays I went to London and managed to finally visit the Bridge - sadly it was still a few days until the opening game with Hull, but seeing the stadium was a great pleasure. I also took a walk down Kings Road and saw Craven Cottage that day, what an amazing place to live Fulham is!

I hope though that I will have luck and find someone who could help me. I'd be especially interested in this year's CL tickets - maybe you could retain some for me and not throw them away if you don't need them? If you collect too I'd be happy to make swaps - I have loads of Chelsea tickets, those are just the home ones from EC:

- Chelsea-AC Milan 15.09.1999r (Champions League)

- Chelsea-Levski Sofia 20.09.2001r (UEFA Cup 1st Round)

- Chelsea-CSKA Moskwa 20.10.2004r (Champions League)

- Chelsea-FC Porto 06.03.2007r (Champions League 1/8 Final)

- Chelsea-Valencia CF 04.04.2007r (Champions League 1/4 Final)

- Chelsea-Liverpool 25.04.2007r (Champions League 1/2 Final)

- Chelsea-Fenerbahce 08.04.2008r (Champions League 1/4 Final)

- Chelsea-Liverpool 30.04.2008r (Champions League 1/2 Final) x3

- Chelsea-Manchester United 21.05.2008r (Champions League Final)

- Chelsea-Bordeaux 16.09.2008r (Champions League Group Stage) x2

- Chelsea-CFR Cluj 09.12.2008r (Champions League Group Stage)

- Chelsea-Juventus Turyn 25.02.2009r (Champions League 1/8 Final)

- Chelsea-Liverpool 14.04.2009r (Champions League 1/4 Final)

- Chelsea-FC Barcelona 06.05.2009r (Champions League 1/2 Final)

Regards and KTBFFH :)

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