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A tragic tale of a Harlequins rugby hope-Jack Brennan


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Please read and spare a thought and a prayer for this tragic young rising rugby star, 18yr old Jack Brennan http://www.justgiving.com/Walk-For-Jack

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EPETHELOID SARCOMA is a rare form of aggressive malignant soft tissue cancer, affecting, joints, ligaments, muscle tissue and tendons. It rarely affects people older than 50 and can be 'triggered' by an injury especially in the upper body, neck and shoulders. Persistent pain that worsens over time should not be neglected.

This is a most tragic story you will EVER read in a long time...Jack Brennan's family are looking to raise enough cash IN A DESPERATE hope to save his life. The fund has attracted hundreds of donations from well wishers.

{ to every one that has donated, and prayed for his recovery. Many thanks from all at The RFL Benevolent Fund, THE ROYAL MARSDEN and Jack and his family. }

UPDATE: Currently, Jack is being assessed for surgery to remove the tumour, which has spread to his lungs.

...This is a sad time for Jack's family. His unlucky plight is told to you in this tragic story. I have known Jack since he was 5 yrs old. I only ever saw Jack a few times in the 13yrs that his dad, Mark and my daughter, Loren have been together. The last time was last year when he told us of his trials for Harlequins. Tragedy struck, after a rugby tackle left him with an injured neck/shoulder. After a couple of months of intensive pain and tests, he was diagnosed with this horrible form of cancer.... 'epepheloid sarcoma'... (Dickie)

, Everything is being done to save this young lad's life. His whole family have had to uproot their lives to get Jack the best specialist available....BRITAIN'S FOREMOST oncologist in this field, Prof. Ian Judson, The Royal Marsden:


In September 2011 a young Harlequins Rugby League academy player Jack Brennan was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer.

Having suffered with numbness in his neck and shoulders for months, which he put down to an injury, Jack now faces a fight against a Cancer which has now spread throughout his body and is inoperable in its present form.

Jack started a course of chemo & radiotherapy at the Royal Marsden Hospital and the doctors are hoping it will reduce the tumours enough to operate!





HARLEQUINS- Walk for Jack:





Thankyou for taking time to read this... APPLEGARTH

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