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Anti-Tottenham Chants


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My best mate and most of my family are Gooners (I even went to Arsenal v Spurs this season, dont ask) and up until recently I went Chelsea home and away a lot and one of the things that haw always bugged me is the fact that their anti-Tottenham chants are almost identical to ours minus a few bits here and there. I just wanted to find out about the origins of these chants and who nicked them from who? I know QPR and Fulham nicked virtually all their anti-Chelsea chants from West Ham and Spurs but it's just one of those things that bug me. Arsenals away support generally speaking is younger and more modern than ours and I know Over the Land and Sea was copied by them off of us as are a few others. But the multiple "We Hate Tottenham" chants are the ones that interest me most or the Origin of them?

Was just wondering if the old school Chelsea like BlueBeard and co could shed some light on this.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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