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Some statistics

Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

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A statistical manner to look at Chelsea development. Have we improved?

Claudio Raineri

2003-2004 Season

2ndChelsea 24W 7D 7L 67F 30A 79Pts

3rd Manu 23W 6D 9L 64F 35A 75 Pts



1stChelsea 29W8D1L72F15A 95Pts

2nd Manu 22W 11D 5L 56F 26A 77 Pts

Lamps -13, Drogs -10, Guddy-12


1stChelsea 29W 4D 5L 72F 22A 91 Pts

2nd Manu 25W 8D 5L 72F 34A 83 Pts

Lamps -16, Drogs-12, Crespo-10

Today :

2nd played 35 24W 8D 3L 62F 22A 80Pts

Drogs -19, Lamps-11, Schev 4

It is quite obvious where our problems are. Our defence record speaks well for its consistency

but we have suffered in the attacking department. we had Crespo & Guddy contributing but

Sheva only contributed 4.

Your conclusion.

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do i have to point out the obvious?

this season we LOST CECH AND JT

had that not happened, then clearly your stats would look a lot more similar.

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