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This season has been an enigma for me. We do not play too badly but lacked confidence in front of goal. Our defensive record is the worst since Mourinho's started his reign. The alarm has already been sounded when we look at the form of the gunners and the scousers.

Indulge me for a second and hear my grief.

Firstly, i think it is Roman's deliberate plot to oust Mourinho by refusing him any budget to strengthen the strike force. In fact, we sold one of the best attacking winger in Robben and got a second rated forward in Pizarro for free. Who is Pizarro really? Is he like Trezeguet, Henry or even Crespo? Someone who is already a proven prolific striker? Hell.. why did we not strengthen our forward line? We only rely on Drogba. Sheva is never going to be settled, Kalou is great but erratic and Scott Sinclair needs more exposure ( saw him scored a spectacular solo goal against Portsmouth reserves recently). When Drogs is gone for the African championship, Chelsea's challenge for anything could be over.

I am pissed because most of the potency in attack goes to the Scouser - Torres, Kuyt and Voronin. Tevez went to Manure. We exchange a great attacking Robben for Malouda, who will take some time to settle.

Secondly, we have too many injuries. Lamps. Drogs,Terry, Carvalho and Ferreira. We were supposed to strengthen our back line. But Ben T'aim is never going to be the best. Alex will come good but Belleti ? He was never even first choice in Barcelona ! Diarra was such a loss because he is great going forward and could be used as a defensive cover.

In short, we sign most players in defence, yet we always seem to concede first. I do not know the problem, luck or something, but Ashley Cole and Ben T'aim looked like sh*t. They are never my fav players.

Thirdly, we should just bloody abandon our pro-attacking, open style of play and concentrate on effective football. Roman should go and buy Real Madrid or Barcelona because we are just not going to be such a team with Mourinho. Why not mix our style? We play effective football in the first and go for the kill in the second? Whatever it is, the emphasis in going forward is exposing our back too often because we are just not quick enough in recovery when our opponent breaks.

2 goals in 4 games with no wins in the last three is hardly the form we want to face Manu. I am ready to write off the season if this continues by December.

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2 goals in 4 games with no wins in the last three is hardly the form we want to face Manu. I am ready to write off the season if this continues by December.

We've got 9 goals in 8 matches, compared to Manchester Uniteds 6 goals in 8 matches, so while our recent form is bad, Manchester United aren't exactly doing fantastic, though, they have been better in defence.

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