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About Grant...again


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Pat Nevin has appealed to Chelsea fans to give Grant some support. As you know, I am No.1 anti-Grant but I am willing to listen to an old faithful. So i will GIVE him some support for the rest of the season. A little benefit of doubt. But i want to see results. It is ok if we end up empty-handed, but I want to see the fighting spirit like against Arsenal week in week out. I do not want to hear him saying that He is disappointed or apologetic over poor defeats. No more Barnsley or Cockspur at Carling Cup...

We can still do something

Chelsea's remaining schedule : ( My prediction)

Sun Mar 30 2008 Middlesbrough (H) 2-0

Wed Apr 02 2008 Fenerbahce UCL (A) 1-1

Tue Apr 08 2008 Fenerbahce UCL (H) 3-0 ( followed by a meeting with

Mon Apr 14 2008 Wigan Athletic (H) 2-0

Sat Apr 19 2008 Everton (A) 2-1

Sat Apr 26 2008 Manchester United (H) 1-0

Sat May 03 2008 Newcastle United (A) 2-0

Sun May 11 2008 Bolton Wanderers 1-0

Can we do this? If we get Arsenal in the semis, we could just make it for the final against Manu or Barca.

I am nervy if it is the Scouser. We always fail against them psychologically in the Champion's League.

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Yeah i'll give the guy a chance , maybe he might surprise us all by winning a major trophy although i cant see a long term future for him.

If we dont win the premiership it will be down to the Spurs game and Villa at home.

Im not sure i'd prefer Arsenal to Liverpool in a semi if we manage to get past Fern, Arsenal are by far a better side, better players and a better manager , not saying the scum wont cause problems, i know only too well how f**king jammy they are .

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I have to say that I've begun to change my opinion of Grant, especially after the substitutions against The Arse. I know I've been hard on the bloke but I take it all back - I've even written him a letter of apology and sent it to the club.

I have the distinct feeling that the man will win us one of the the two big trophies available to us and follow that up by producing a more expansive and exciting team next season that'll surprise everyone, even me.

....and we got some bloke at work today with stories of square eggs!!!! BackJose.gif

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