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Why I Am Gutted.


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Didn't Scolari know that those rascal Scousers play a lousy game plan. If they score first, they will defend like mad dog and rely on counter attacks?

Mourinho knew it well because it was his own style of play, Avram kept his system but Scolari felt otherwise. I am not blaming Big Phil for losing our 4.5 years of unbeaten home run (which has to end at some point) but it is awful to lose to anyone but those idiotic Scouser at home.

If we have any championship desire, we need to at least not lose to any of the Top 3 at home. We nearly lost it to Manure and now it is history against farting Liverpool.

It is so hard to be constructive when we are pitted back behind those idiot after a defeat and the season is still so long. And there is still much optimism because we missed Essien, Drogs, Ballack and Joey.

I know that I am the least popular guy in this forum but i still insist that we need a strong forward team to win anything. A poor and lazy Anelka supported by inexperienced Di Santos & Sinclair isn't going to achieve much.

Look at Liverpool - Torres, Kuyt, Babel, Keane... they have attacking forwards

Think Manure - Ronaldo, Rooney, Berbatov among others...

Arsenal - Bendtner, Adebayor, Van Persie

Chelsea? Only Anelka... and Anelka even if Drogba remains hurt. And Le Sulk isn't among the best of top notch forward. With due respect, I think Manure & Liverpool have better forwards.

You get the drift..

So please sell Kalou & Malouda. We should have some cash to fund at least another forward. Please get Zaki or Agbonlahor.

Fiorentina's Gilardino is a good aspect too.

Knowing that we are in financial crisis globally, I know that we need to be prudent. But if we balance the budget with success on the pitch, the economic reward will be lucrative.

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As you've said, with the financial crises and its shadow over us, the range is fairly narrow. Robinho would have been a capable addition (see what he does at ManC) but it's slipped past us - because of cash. And with no cash in the blanket, it's fairly unlikely that the likes of Arshavin will jump in. And I doubt that we'd get some incomes through the sales of Anelka and Malouda - nobody wanted to buy Drogba in the summer and there is no doubt about that he's another class than those two sassy Frenchmen

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i agree completely i think big phil should av bought more forwards in the summer however he got pipped to robinho at tyhe last minute and i think thats the problem.also wouldnt sell kalou i think he is pretty good ,bit inconsistent, but none the less good.

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