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  1. Boody hell lads, you took him a bit too soon for my liking :) He'll be an absolute star for you, and I'm going to be following you as my second team from now on, Frank is just such a decent human being. P.S. also send us some more brilliant youths
  2. Yip very scary. But, want to see what a class act Frank is
  3. Lets be honest lads, he is a legend. I hope you will support us at Wemembley x
  4. Lets be honest lads, he's a legend. He has done so well for us. Tomori is great and you should be thankful to have him back, Mount is also brilliant. Thank you guys for lending them to us.
  5. Have faith in Frank my friend, substitution made it.
  6. Hope you guys are seeing just how great Tomori is.
  7. Aye, they've Rotherham at home on final day, so expect them to get 3 points then. We've a game in hand, Swansea away on Wed, then WBA at home on final day.
  8. The wobble started when Mount was injured in the FA Cup really. Few of our lot were blaming Frank, but the majority of us know that it's his first season and are just happy to be playing better football than we were last season. Had a couple of terrible games (Blackburn away springs to mind) but you always get games like that. He's also slashed the wage bill which has been needed as we have been run badly/criminally for a couple of years. Today we won 2-0 away at Bristol City which was an immense result although Tomori went off early with a 'heavy dead leg' and one of Franks signings, George Evans, came in and played centre half (he normally played midfield and has not been great) and was like Beckenbauer. 4 points from our next 2 should see us into the play-offs, most likely against Leeds. Which will be nice.
  9. Best of luck today, obviously, brothers and sisters
  10. Just give us 2 or 3 seasons first yeah? Then we'll appoint another ex-Blue to continue our new found ace relationship.
  11. Big match tonight v Forest, hoping Super Frank gets us the 3 points. Also, can we have Ampadu in January please?
  12. That's right sporting of you guys. Give the lads a chance to show your fans what they can do in the flesh. Here's to a good game.
  13. Mount gets an England call up, deserved he's central to everything we do. Can see him really prospering with better players around him as well.
  14. Seems a lot but 2 x VAR and the subs, so cannot complain about that.
  15. Mount is more often than not our stand out player, but Tomori has really grown into his role and has been an absolute rock. Last two league games have been excellent as well, first time in years that Derby have been playing some nice stuff. I reckon you've got an utter Gem in Mount,
  16. We were expecting JT to come as part of the coaching staff to be honest. Don't know if wages were a stumbling block (see my comment about previous signings and agents) That said, he'd probably do more than a job for us as he did at Villa, one area we are a little weak in is playing out from the back
  17. Rams fan here. Must admit I never thought I'd be joining a Chelsea forum unless it was to talk about that 6-4 game back in about 88. I've semi-adopted Chelsea as my team to follow in the Prem due to Frank coming to us. A plus is that Mick Harford played for us both, and he's my favourite ever outfield player for the Rams. Just to give an idea, last season under Rowett was very divisive for us Rams. Yes we won a few, but by God we were dire and uninspiring. Then we went on long runs without points or a win. Some fans were firmly pro-Rowett (ex-player and all that) and some were anti, with others (myself) just hoping for some continuity given the succession of managers that we have had in recent seasons. But I cannot stress how poor the football was, following Derby was a chore at times it was that uninspiring and devoid of excitement. I'm sure those of you that follow football know that we annually fall off a cliff after New Year, and we duly obliged by limping into the Play Offs last season. There is also a larger story behgind transfers at teh club and the over reliance on certain agent(s) which has led to an unbalanced and bloated squad. Then Rowett went, and the usual names were mentioned as a replacement, and we heard the name Lampard mentioned. A load of us thought "why not?" as we've literally tried experienced with promotions under belt, ex-player, previous manager, highly rated assistant and none have worked. Frank has been a breath of fresh air, he speaks well and with a purpose. None of the cliched platitudes that get trotted out usually, what he says makes sense. He has brought in youth (39 was consider youth for Rowett) and has manoeuvred a few out. We are blessed to have borrowed Mount off you guys for a season, the guy looks quality and to my mind even passes that go astray are due to players not being on his wavelength rather than inaccuracy. Tomori, to my mind, is a rock. That is not to say both are without faults, but they are young and are why they are on loan at Derby and not still at Chelsea, they will learn and grow. The buzz is fantastic around Frank as well, bit of worldwide coverage that we've not had since THAT season in 2007. As it stands for a novice Frank has done really well, Leeds outclassed us and we were beaten by the better team, Millwall could have been a draw or snuck a win but we got lucky at Reading so swings and roundabouts and all that. Also we are lucky that Jody M came with Frank, he seems top class and I reckon eventually both of them will return to Stamford Bridge, but it was great to watch that documentary on him on YouTube again. I'll post in here periodically to keep you abreast of how things are going, but until then best of luck for the season ahead.

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