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  1. The US has 6 players that play for legit year in year out knockout phase Champions league teams (all of the field players being 22 or younger). Another 2 players who play for teams that qualified into the group stage out of Germany and France (Brooks and Weah), and 4 more players what will play in Champions league qualifying (and i would guess 2 makes it through to the Group stage). There is plenty of talent on the team. I have my doubts about the US coach's ability to get the most out of the talent but that is plenty of talent and way above average for national teams outside Argentina, Brazil, and top European teams. CONCACAF games are always ugly because teams play it that way, conditions are often really tough, and the refs are terrible. One of the reasons I don't think Chelsea will willingly part with Pulisic, is the US is primed to make an impact at the next WC and Pulisic will be the star player. US players that preform on the WC stage become legit famous in the US. CP will be valuable to any club not only for his on the field performance he can bring but probably even more financially valuable for what he brings off the field as well once that happens.
  2. Seems clear that Tuchel rates CP high enough that he won't ask the team to unload him. Thus, any move would probably have to be initiated by Pulisic and I don' see him asking for a move.
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