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Happy memories

Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

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Rather like this site I've gone for a new look by stripping out the 'Chelsea room' in my house, redecorated it and put in a whole new load of office furniture. One whole wall is now reserved for the signed photos and match shirts and things are beginning to shape up pretty nicely.

The bonus however was when I built the CD/DVD tower which was obviously for storing my numerous dvd's & cd's. Imagine my delight when I found the shelving, when placed accordingly was ideal for storing my CFC match programmes. I can effectively fit a whole seasons programmes into one compartment. Looks sweet I can tell you.

Anyway, I digress. The purpose of this thread is to share with you the detail from some of the old programmes which bring back happy memories.

The first extract is a letter which was published in the CFC v Spurs programme from 15/4/74 (cost 5p!!). How prophetic it turned out to be though the timescales of expectation were a couple of decades out.

Fans through thick and thin

It must be admitted that the recent loss of talented stars is, at least, a temporary blow to everyone concerned with Chelsea Football Club.

One remembers the ill-feeling among QPR supporters at Rodney Marsh's departure. But just look at the league table and see where they are now (they were 5th at the time of publication) though obviously a lot of hard work, astute management and money was put into the job there.

We may have to wait a season or two for more honours and live with a little disappointment for a while, but success will eventually come and the recent events may be looked upon as the start of a new era. We will continue to watch the Blues through thick and thin.

Well they had to wait a couple of decades rather than a couple of years for the honours to come and I hope they continued to to support us through thick and thin.

The second part I'd like to share with you is regarding season ticket prices for the 1974-75 season when the dreaded East stand opened. The prices included all home league games, Combinations matches (the reserves) and four possible home FA cup matches.

Upper tier:

Front wings £43.75

Rear centre £37.50

Rear wings £25.00

Lower tier:

Centre £30

Wings £20

West stand:

Centre £30

Wings £20

How times have changed!

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