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JT apologises to fans


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I love JT he's a legend as far as I'm concerned and would pick him at centre half ahead of anyone, but I'm now officially bored with him apologising to us fans. He done it after the CL final, when he really didn't have to and should have know that he didn't have to - but fair enough that's what he needed to do at the time. Now though, apologising for recent performances isn't what we want from him, what we want is for him to go around the pitch and to bloody throttle anyone that isn't putting in the effort. As fans (the real ones anyway) we can accept loosing, we can even accept it if we don't play well, but what we can't accept is people not putting in the effort and that's what's been happening this season, almost everyone looks guilty of it at the moment. Because of that an apology is empty, changing it round will be proof enough that the players are sorry for the way they've performed so far.

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