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  1. This is more a comment on squad depth than Conte but I'll make it here anyway. I'd rather see us spend top dollar on players that will improve our starting 11 then give those squad places to youth players. We've had the best u21's in Europe for nearly a decade, the only reason none of the individuals have really made it yet is because we leave them to stagnate rather than develop that last bit. As well as having them in the squad though they have to be trusted. If that position was clear the manager would know what's expected and what he has to work from, young players would stay, the board could be more focussed on getting the 3 (or so) players that we really need and the fans would feel some affinity with their team.
  2. Hello mate, I want to try and get tickets for the next round of the cup, do you have any memberships I can borrow again?

    Thanks very much.

    1. alanet4


      i will try nearer the date

    2. Barn


      Cheers mate

  3. Hello mate,

    I am just wondering if you would have a membership I could borrow to have an extra ticket for the Swansea home game (25th Feb).

    Cheers !

    1. alanet4


      Hi if your not sorted yet my mate had 4 tickets together M H lower,2 adult 2 18 or under

    2. Barn


      Hey mate, just seen your message thanks very much.  Are they still available and what's the cost please?

      Cheers appreciate the message.

  4. Would love to see Dermot and his merry band do well for Crawley, I was genuinely excited by that group of youngsters at the time. I was less cynical then!
  5. I'll be over the moon if he came back, a bit older and wiser as well. That's our next captain sorted!
  6. dkw

    Afternoon Mate, Just a message to say Ive donated to the Aimi ride out, forgot to put my name on though ha ha. good luck with it.


  7. What were the thoughts on Gokhan Tore the other night?
  8. I have a question for you all, it's something my dad said to me. He said Jose has always been totally measured and calculated in everything he's done. We all knew he wanted the Man U job, did he deliberately fukup last season in order to be available for the Utd job when it became available?
  9. Surely we wouldn't consider bringing him back. He's always rated himself much higher than anyone that's seen him play would rate him.
  10. Don't know much about this kid but within two minutes of him coming on for Belgium the other day I thought, sod the rest we need this lad. Couldn't tell you exactly why but he instantly looked like he had something special about him to me. I for one hope we get this finalised.
  11. Picked my daughter up from gymnastics and decided on the way home to introduce her to Cock Sparrer. She didn't ask me to turn it off.
  12. well done RLC great achievement.
  13. Gokan tore looks set to sign for the pickies for around £12m
  14. While he's here he'll never just be a squad player, he's an ambassador, he's a link to the fans, he's a true leader. Anyone that doesn't get that doesn't get football.
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