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  1. I think with confidence of scoring the past 2 games, and having lukaku playing with him who can can hold the ball and provide balls through the line he should get a goal or 2 in the up coming matches
  2. Super frank has agreed the contract with Chelsea and will be unveiled later today
  3. The British media I believe have had a lot of hatred towards Chelsea for many years
  4. From his performance today against Newcastle there are areas in his game where as his so young there a few parts which I think he will need to improve to become a top class goal keeper and live up to his price tag. Filling courtios boots isn’t easy
  5. Saying that when he does have his head in the game, he has pulled out some good performances and in other occasions he made a few errors that have cost us hugely. in my opinion if your looking for consistency out the two I’d stick with Christensen
  6. With Christensen not starting on the weekend and Luiz favoured. Anybody think this may be the favoured permanent choice. i think from last seasons performance and the World Cup he would be my first choice
  7. He can score goals but defending and playing a ball in a creative way is an area where he needs to improve, his goals were good but there were a few time he just gave the ball away too easy
  8. Very good performance last night created a lot of chances and found himself in some scoring opportunities aswell. Maybe the start against qarabag has given him the confidence to be more comfortable in the squad
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