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  1. That’s what I’m going with. Going to be an interesting game I’m predicting a draw 2-2
  2. Great game so far pulisic is playing well.
  3. Super frank has agreed the contract with Chelsea and will be unveiled later today
  4. We need a player with similarities to drogba and Costa
  5. We need a player with similarities to drogba and Costa
  6. The British media I believe have had a lot of hatred towards Chelsea for many years
  7. Kepa man of the match some crucial saves in the game and the penalty shootout has boosted that man. zappa played really well when he came on
  8. I’m going with kepa azpi Luiz Christensen Emerson Kante Jorginho kovacic Pedro giroud hazard it’s going to be a tough game il be happy with a 0-1 win and get that vital away goal
  9. The shock of Jorginho coming off for kovacic
  10. Hazard needs a goal for his effort so far today
  11. What a great game that was tonight, hazard was back to being free and had a good game. I think Emerson played really well the link up with him hazard and Barkley was what we need. Giroud was giroud. Nervous ending but so happy with the win, going to be a tough game against city but we can do it
  12. This is probably our strongest team at the moment and it’s going to be good to see how they perform all together I’m saying 3-1 chelsea
  13. Tough draw for us. Hopefully sarri fields a strong team for it to try get in contention for a cup and hoping Liverpool field a 2nd string team for them to focus on champions league. For me if both teams put good teams out going to Pens and will be decided that way

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