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  1. The shock of Jorginho coming off for kovacic
  2. Hazard needs a goal for his effort so far today
  3. What a great game that was tonight, hazard was back to being free and had a good game. I think Emerson played really well the link up with him hazard and Barkley was what we need. Giroud was giroud. Nervous ending but so happy with the win, going to be a tough game against city but we can do it
  4. This is probably our strongest team at the moment and it’s going to be good to see how they perform all together I’m saying 3-1 chelsea
  5. Tough draw for us. Hopefully sarri fields a strong team for it to try get in contention for a cup and hoping Liverpool field a 2nd string team for them to focus on champions league. For me if both teams put good teams out going to Pens and will be decided that way
  6. Although depending on our progress in competitions all fixtures can still be changed
  7. Bournemouth aren’t going to be a push over but they won’t sit back and let us attack there going to be pushing forward as much as us. I think we will win isn’t in doubt, sarri should give Christensen a chance instead of luiz and also bring in Willian instead of Pedro being Pedro on for hazard in the second half kepa azpi rudiger Christensen alonso kante Jorginho kovacic Willian morata hazard
  8. Having had a look at the teams left in the play off and also the teams that are confirmed in the draw. I may be being optimistic but I think we have a very good chance and go all the way, the main test will likely to come from teams that don’t do well in the champions league group stages. I think we can go through the group stages easily enough
  9. From his performance today against Newcastle there are areas in his game where as his so young there a few parts which I think he will need to improve to become a top class goal keeper and live up to his price tag. Filling courtios boots isn’t easy
  10. Great result, hazard looked sharp at the start. Tough game for us but happy with the 3 points
  11. Great to see hazard starting and kovacic should get an early few goals and then rest hazard after 70
  12. I think the squad is more or less going to be the same as the weekend kepa azpi rudiger alonso luiz Kante jorginho Barkley Pedro Willian morata sarri will probably bring hazard on near the end but the game could go two way with loads of goals and we scrap a victory or come away with a a 1-0 win. I’m saying 3-2 to the blues
  13. I’ve sat there before if people sit down then you should be fine
  14. Saying that when he does have his head in the game, he has pulled out some good performances and in other occasions he made a few errors that have cost us hugely. in my opinion if your looking for consistency out the two I’d stick with Christensen
  15. There still may be time for drinkwater to go out on loan, I think the club has helped the choice a bit by sending bako out on loan and a few others. Fabregas will get 10-15 minutes every so often and will feature mainly in early stages of europa and carabao cup But I also think having options in midfield especially when we have europa Thursday and then a league game the weekend it will work for rotation if we progress into the the knock outs

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