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Adults in lower east stand (family area)

Stephen Feather

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Thanks - I hope so. Its not very clear on the website, it says:

East Stand Lower Family Area

Individual adult tickets purchased in the East Stand Lower family area will be cancelled.

And in the ticket policy document:

Family centre (East Stand Lower)/East Upper

Family centre will continue to operate in the East Lower Stand offering unlimited concessionary seating to juveniles and senior citizen concessions.

- Individual adult tickets are not available for purchase within this area.

- A maximum of 2 adult seats per juvenile seat are available.

The first statement made me think that just single adults going to the lower east stand may have their tickets cancelled but not sure!!!

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nothing personal mate, but I hope not - my kids now old enuf but we have sat in the family section many times and had to ask 'adults' together not to swear - should be adults with kids only in my view

why arn't you looking at the other areas of the ground?

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