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Gatwick way via Up Norf


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Ello lads,

I've been on a few football forums before, but the whirlwind events of the last few days have meant that I'm craving a Chelsea specific forum!

I'm Tom, from around Gatwick, now a student in South Yorkshire.

Still get down to the odd game with the old man every now and then, was lucky enough to get to both the Napoli home leg and Barcelona home leg this year, yet more awe inspiring European nights to remember from this team.. Up there with Arsenal 2004 and the 4-2 against Barca maybe?

Sit in the Shed Upper, there's still a season ticket in my name that gets passed about.

Is anyone going to the FA Cup final? Was very lucky to get a ticket with loyalty point margin

Anyway, not sure how much I'll post here, just getting to grips with it for now.

Forever Carefree

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