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Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

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Doubt Chelsea would ever allow a banner like that at the Bridge.

As for the song during their top 10 goals. Fu**ing hell mate, that is proper Euro pop cheese on toast bollox.

Mate those Euro-Cheese bar stewards!!!


I hate euro cheese........

......but the irish,welsh and some scottish boys they love it............it makes my teeth itch!!

Here you go......... if you are brave enough........

5 seconds of this and


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They were actually taunting the visitors supporters (who were above).

Oh right,

I have seen Ultras turn away from the pitch in a protest before.

Sometimes filling the ground,but standing in silence throughout the game.

Not sure about Portugal but in Italy and Argentina these fellas have a fair bit of power!!

Sorry about the Happy Hardcore icon_twisted.gif

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