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the rime of the modern footballer

Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

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I'm pretty bored at work and was reading through the rime of the ancient mariner and it inspired me to write a poem as the rime of the modern footballer (mainly because i dont know anything about mariners!)

the only thing is, i cant think of a good way to end it, any ideas?

The rime of the modern footballer

It is a modern footballer,

And he be one of three,

The man of honour local boy,

Celeb or mercenary,

The one who plays for love of club,

For love of sport and he,

The two who go where money flows,

Bright lights and salary

The local boy grew up round here,

Stood on terraces cheering his side,

Now he wears that famous strip,

Plays with commitment, passion and pride

He works for his team mates,

And runs through brick walls,

Gives blood sweat and tears,

Always giving his all

The Mercenary too stood in the stands,

And followed his once loved team,

But now he couldn?t give a toss,

It?s now cash he follows it seems,

There remains no doubt to the talent he has,

Clubs line up to sign him to them,

He sifts through the contracts to the largest fee,

Quickly signs on the line with his pen

The celebrity star stood in a similar spot,

Supporting the team just the same,

Dreaming of one day wearing that strip,

Bunking off school to work on his game,

But once he had that glimpse of success,

His dreams they soon did change,

His eyes were caught by the sparkling lights,

Now all that he dreams of is fame

The local boy who plays with pride

Is now loved and adored by the masses

The mercenary sings for his latest club

Throws his arms up in disgust, wont chase passes

The Celebrity now has all that he wished

But happiness does not follow

He has all the cars, the model girlfriend

But the fans don?t truly love him, it is hollow.

In a cruel twist of fate they are now reunited,

On the same American surgeon?s table,

They talk of old times and onto the new,

Each one with an interesting fable,

The injuries persist and the season is over,

And the fate of the three can be seen,

The local boy is still adored by the fans,

And through hard work he returns to the team,

The mercenary is happy to rest on the bench,

Picking up his cheque all the same,

His contract expires and suddenly clubs,

Aren?t so interested in this ones name,

While the Celebrity was out the fans and the press,

Found themselves a new favourite,

The limelight has gone, and so too the desire

So he packs up his bags set to quit

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