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Pizarro and the Peruvian Disaster

Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

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I'm sure everybody has seen the news of the terrible earthquake in Peru. 500+ dead and 1600+ injured at last count and rising quickly. With one of our latest recruits (and hopefully future legend) being Peruvian this has probably caught even more attention among our faithful. I hope we all give Claudio the Pizza-man a special rousing reception at Anfield to show him our support. I'm sure the last couple of days have been tough for him.

I went to Peru a couple of years ago and it is a great country with wonderful people. Hopefully they will be given the help that they need to recover from this tragedy. If you are interested donations can be made through the Red Cross website and I'm sure several other places.

In the meantime here is hoping Claudio can score the winner at Anfield to put a smile on a few faces back in Peru!

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