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Roman V Jose?

Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

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Ever since the departure of JM there seems to be a bit of a devide between fans, not whether they think it was the right decision or not,i cant honestly believe anybody thinks that. Most seem to think that at the very least the timing was poor.

The devide i'm talking about is between certain fans who seem to think that Roman owns the club and as long as he plough's enough money into it he can do no-wrong.

And then you have though's who are of the opinion that Jose was a very good manager, was very successful and therefor should have been left in charge of team affairs without interference.

Firstly i'd like to say that i am eternally grateful for everything Roman has done for the club,and i certainly dont want him to leave. But i am not of the opinion that without him the club would be no-more.

We are in a much stronger position than we was when he took over. We have 1 of the biggest turn-overs in world football and with a more prudent transfer policy and a wage cap(even Real have a wage cap), there is no reason why our football club can not be successful.

We have become 1 of the biggest 'brands' in the world, and in the current climate of offshore investment i have no-doubt somebody else would be more than willing to step to the plate. All this talk of CFC not being a viable investment is way of the mark. Stamford Bridge is a viable investment on its own as a piece of real-estate.

Secondly i'd like to say that i was a big JM fan but at the same time i know he had his foughts. I dont buy into all that press rubish about us not entertaining. We were successful and they could'nt stand it. But i will say that before the push this season we did'nt look anything like champions and i was fully expecting JM to leave at the end of the year.

We all have to except that this chapter is now closed and we have to move forward. This is were the debate really ignites, How do we move forward?

Some say Roman will employ a new manager get out the cheque book and everything in the garden will be rosy again.

Others say(me included) that the best way for the club to move forward is to learn from its mistakes. And this is where the problem lies because it seems to me that not too many of the mistakes that have been made in the last few years have been on the pitch but in the boardroom. Its not the man leaving the club but the ones who remain who have to change,otherwise we will be back here agian in 1,2,3yrs time and that is not moving on.

Yes life goes on without JM. But make no mistake it would go on without RA too. I suppose only time will tell if JM taking a dive in is fight with RA is ultimately going to change anything.

But unless the boardroom take a long look at themselves it will all be for nothing.

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