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Calling Star and any other punters...

Mike O
Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

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Right, me old mucker.

Time to start getting way ahead of myself...

1. Any idea what the best odds for us doing the quad are? Blue Square are offering 80/1 which seems a little stingy....any easy to recall odds and bookies would be welcome

2. Have you got a cunning scheme involving taking advantage of free bet offers that can help out? My Palace pal placed a load of bets on Monday for the Leicester match using the offers which effectively meant that he could only win on the match (148% min return).

Hope you're well, I'll think of you when I'm loaded.

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Actually with arbitrage betting you do mathematically have the odds on your side, anywhere from 0.001% to 4-5%. However you need alot of capital and either alot of time to look for the right moment, or alot of luck in stumbling across it.

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