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The 1 Man You Can Rely On


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I'd guess this interview was done to cheer some fans up (I doubt we'd get something like this if we'd won or the press weren't having a dig at the moment) but always a nice read.

Our captain, John Terry.

Taken from the official site.

This week we caught up with the captain as he discusses the disappointment of Carling Cup defeat, thanks for the fans for their support, and explains how he intends to be a Chelsea man for many years to come.

Terry has recently fought his way back to fitness after a two-month layoff with a broken bone in his foot, and is now looking forward to challenging for honours in the remaining months of the season.

How has training been in the week following the Carling Cup final defeat?

It's been alright, its hard to take any defeat, let alone a final. The boys worked their socks off to get to the final, and it's the worst time to lose, but we have to pick ourselves up, and we're still fortunate enough to be in all three competitions, and we're still very much in contention.

The Premier League is still close, and we have a great chance in the Champions League and FA Cup, which is our trophy so we need to stay positive. It's been about picking everyone up after a defeat and moving on as fast as possible.

I know what the Chelsea fans have been through - I'm a Chelsea fan - and it's hard, it takes a few days, but we just have to pick ourselves up.

Can we use the disappointment from Sunday to spur us on to greater success?

I think we have to. Over the last three or four years we've got into a mode where we've been dominating things and we've been in the final stages and had a taste of success.

There have been a couple of occasions where we've lost out and that is not a nice feeling, and I think no one likes to lose, we didn't want to, but we have to use it as a positive and be more hungry in the future.

How frustrating has it been watching from the sidelines for much of the season?

It's frustrating for me because in pre-season I was doing well and felt really fit. I worked very hard because I didn't play much last year, and I just felt really good.

Then I got my broken toe and picked up a couple of niggles, then my knee and then my foot. It's part of the game but it is so frustrating for a second season running when I'd gone four or five years without picking up any injuries.

What are your aims now for the rest of the season?

Obviously to win as many competitions as possible. Having that taste of defeat is not a nice feeling to have, and there are things out there we can win, like the Champions League that we still haven't won.

Beyond that, can you see yourself staying at Chelsea for the rest of your career?

I really can't see myself leaving and I signed a new contract earlier in the season . I love the club, and I'm so passionate about Chelsea.

I just want Chelsea to succeed. I like to think I know what the fans go through on a weekly basis. I don't just come in, train and go home and forget about things, I take it home with me. I watch Chelsea TV, and want to phone up and give my fan opinion of things, but cant really.

I'm fortunate to be in the position I am at an amazing club like Chelsea, and to enjoy the things that come with being a professional footballer.

I've been here on £45 per week and worked my way through to being where I am today. I appreciate everything and work hard every day. It's funny, I only live five minutes from the training ground and we have to be in at 10a.m, yet I leave home at 8.45 every day. I'm excited and want to come in and train.

And do you feel you have to prove yourself every day, given the strength of our squad?

Yeah, definitely. There are so many world class players, and seeing how well Riccy, Tal and Alex are doing, makes me want to get back and train, and prove myself again. It's horrible because you read things in the press where people think they can walk back in the team, and I certainly haven't thought that.

I've watched games and seen two players playing so well together so I had to work my socks off. It's not down to me or anybody else to pick the team, it's down to the manager and thankfully he's seen enough to put me in.

Is this now the strongest Chelsea squad you have known?

Yes, I think so. When you look round at the individuals, definitely. You can't come to Chelsea and get away with being an average player. That's the way the club has gone and hopefully we can maintain this, and keep attracting the world class players that we have.

How have you been impressed by the Chelsea fans in recent times?

What really stands out for me is the trip to Olympiacos. You realise how many went over, in their thousands, and as we were circling in the air because of the snow we had to wait an hour and a half before we landed. There was talk of landing in Corfu and travelling to Athens from there.

Sitting on the plane it was disappointing for us, but my instant thought was that the fans have to go through the same thing. I saw them at the game, and managed to get a few tickets for some fans that had gone over without them on the off chance. They were at the hotel, tried their luck and fortunately I could help.

There were about 50 fans, I only had three, but at least I could give them away, I just hope they enjoyed the game.

Never do we take for granted what Chelsea fans do for us, whether it be at home or travelling away and around Europe. It's amazing the passion they show for the club, and we owe it to them. They are the football club and always will be.

This weekend we play West Ham. Are you looking forward to coming up against your friend Bobby Zamora?

He has been out with a knee injury. I spoke to him the other day, and he has played two reserve games and got a knock on his other knee now. Siddy and I are good mates with him and keep in touch via text or phone call and see how he's doing.

I grew up with Bobby, playing at Senrab and different levels. We nicked him actually from another team, he was scoring about 40 goals a year, but we managed to poach him. I think the manager offered him boots and we got him. Boots and trainers got him a few years ago, but then he went for millions, which is bizarre!

And how important was your brother Paul to your development in those days?

He's been really good for me, and still is. He plays for Leyton Orient now, and is doing well. Growing up, he was rejected a pro contract at Charlton.

Seeing how dejected he was made me even more determined than I already was, and he drummed into me how important it was. He took things a little easy in his YTS days, so told me to listen to the coaches, give it your all, and if they turn around in the end and say no then it's fair enough, but I think he was disappointed with himself not giving it everything he had, because technically he is a very good player. I still get to as many games as I can to watch him, but having him playing football in the family was a big push.

Finally, how is the Cobham pool tournament progressing? There are rumours yourself and Ashley Cole collaborated to eliminate reserve team coach and goalkeeper Stuart Searle…

It's good. We're in the last two group stages and it's the semi-finals after this. Total denial about Stuart, we have Terry Ellis the kitman as a witness. Ash had to beat me in the group games to go through, and he beat me fair and square. Anything can happen.

Ash already beat Lamps and Jimmy Smith in the groups, so he's proved his pedigree. Lamps was hot favourite for the tournament and Ash beat him 3-2, so on his day he can beat anyone. The smart money though, it's tough to say, but Brendan Rodgers is looking good at the moment.


He was the first to go onto ChelseaTV after Jose got sacked to reassure fans that nothing for him has changed and he loves the club... Looking back, it's that sort of stability we needed.

Of course, you can just come out, piss and moan to the press about your owners and how its affecting the team... but no self respecting captain would do that. Only muppets.


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