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Brilliant...absolutely brilliant

Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

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It really looks like we have put behind the ghost of Mourinho's departure.

In the space of a month, we have beaten Wenger, Ferguson, Benitez and a 7-game unbeaten Keegan.

Even if we do not win the English crown this season, we are champion elect ( or joint winners).

Though we wish we have this form earlier, it is better late than never.

What is more pleasing is the way we bossed the ball around, especially in the 2nd half at St James' Park.

Mind you, Steven Taylor, Geremi, Owen, Viduka and Martins are not easy to place against when you are visitor !

The forte in these games was the will to win. The will to fight till you spend your last strength reserve.

Kudos to Grant. I am sure Chelsea will acquit ourselves very well at Moscow. On current form, we should be looking

at a very, very happy Abramovich at home.

And with Messi being openly courted, nobody can mess around with us next season again !

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