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The transfer market and next season ..


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.. and so I was just reflecting over the season and the movement in the market.

Until a few days ago, Chelsea fans were worried sick. Now the only real worry remains Franks contract and the [now less likely] possibility of Carvalho leaving.

Then I thought of our competition next season - United and Arsenal.

United: Looks like everyone at the club is sweating over Ronaldo's future. They probably wont break down as a team if he leaves, but it would definitely take away one of their main weapons [not to mention the 100 odd goals he'd score] and transfer the pressure of flare, goals, merchandise and hair gel use to, an aging Giggs and a comparatively poor J.S Park. Would Real give them Robinho in exchange? Then again, if Robinho is to move, wouldn't he prefer [i suppose we're in for him, if Malouda and/or SWP are out] to play under a Brazilian coach? This leaves them with no real options, other than Ronaldo's much publicized clone in Quarezma; again a player who'd prefer to stay with his National coach. I'm not saying we want either either/or, I'm saying we have the upper hand with both players, if avaliable, and can acquire their services if we need to replace Malouda and SWP. I believe, however, that Malouda will stay.

Then there is the pressure of replacing a certain Louis Saha, despite the fact that he's been non-existent. They surely cant rely on Rooney and Tevez for the entire season, in spite of the evident limitless energy that both players seem to have. Lyon have ruled out Benzima's exit. Eto`o seems to be talking about Inter or Chelsea. Berbatov is a possibility and would be a great signing for them; then again, as would he for us - he would be an apt replacement for Drogba and if he is avaliable I hope Kenyon has been busy negotiating.

Arsenal: They've lost a fantastic player in Flamini [how they must repent not keeping hold of Diarra]. Gilberto doesn't have the legs for the entire season. They might try and get Yaya Toure but I'm certain Barca won't sell him. If Adabayor departs for Italy, then they have 2 big slots to fill. It looks like they have Nasri heading their way, but like most their player say, they need to spend and get some depth in the squad - or else they will lose their legs a few months before the season and probably lose another star player, in Fabregas, to Spain if they fail to win anything next season. I think the Arsenal fans are running out of patience and Wenger would begin to question himself if he lost out to again next season. I believe Arsenal could well be our main competition. They have more hunger than United and they need to win something for the fans.

431.gif to Liverpool having another dogpoop season and Benetiz remaining as coach, with another 40M to spend..

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Good post, Yogic, and good analysis.

The bottom line is that, if Ronaldo goes to Madrid, he instantly makes it easier on us going for the title because, unless Fergie turns around with that huge transfer fee and automatically makes the buys that are going to build a squad that can instantly contend again (i.e. adds a Berbatov for Rooney, a Robinho for trickery on the outside, etc) then they will definitely be a team still in flux. They are looking to build around the creativity of Anderson, Nani and Rooney, surely. Thats gonna take some time to develop.

As for Arsenal, its one step forward, two steps back. They get Nasri and they may, again, have a great young, tricky player. Where have I seen this before? Oh yeah. Losing half their midfield (I think Hleb is a certain to leave too) is going to hurt any side unless they have the players to fill in. If they are stupid enough to sell Van Persie, then they might struggle to wind up in fourth. Once again, I think theyre gonna be trying to win with offense alone, and it will probably get them till December in contention. Gallas will implode in the press, midseason, they will start to capsize, etc. It will be great.

Liverpool, I think, can improve on where they finished last year, despite all the turmoil. But the likes of Villa, City, and Spurs will not be idle (ok, well maybe not Spurs)

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Even if United get Eto'o or Robinho, they aren't going to replace arguably the best player in the world (hope I don't get exiled for that). I feel like the team making the most improvements is us. We only lost by 2 points last season and this year we will have a better coach, and basically the same lineup minus maybe lamps and drogs and plus whoever big names we get. I can see Chelsea easily winning the league next year United coming in second and a surprise 3-5

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I can see Chelsea easily winning the league next year United coming in second and a surprise 3-5

It's not going to be as easy as that, I certainly hope it isn't - for the sake of some entertainment. But, it's fair to say that we could and probably should be the strongest team next season.

United look like they will lose Ronaldo and Arsenal look to be without the services of Hleb and Adayabayor (if both transfers go through); but we might well be missing some star players ourselves, in Drogba and Lampard, and. no matter how big of a name we sign, it always takes time getting adjusted to a new team and a new league. United and Arsenal will face that problem with their new players, we have an entire new system and manager to work with, not to mention the new arrivals.

Yes, it's exciting, but let's not get too excited, yet.

Let's see what strings are pulled in the market, if Franky stays, and what fire power we bring in.

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