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A Dilemma


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Always as a very new Chelsea fan I am faced with the problem of feeling like I haven't suffered with the club. I have no experience of being in the championship, and have never even experienced a home league loss! When I started following football it was during the last world cup where I adopted England as my team. During that same summer a friend of mine who followed the PL had me watch a match between Chelsea and the MLS all stars. This was my first view of the EPL besides knowing of Manchester United from some movies I had seen. After watching the game and with the influence of the friend I grew to like Chelsea and got my first favorite European football player - Shevchenko. But I didn't really do much research on the league.

So when I began to actually watch some matches and follow a team I naturally chose Chelsea again. After learning a lot about the club I realised the huge amount of band wagon fans you Chelsea supporters of decades must endure. When I chose Chelsea as my team I did not know that we had taken the league by storm the past few years, and that many others hated us for it. Alas, I felt I had jumped onto the bandwagon and didn't feel worthy of following the team. Still now as I have spent tons of time learning about the club's history and great players, talked with many other fans on the forum, watched numerous games, and spent money on kits shirts and tv channels, I do feel a bit unworthy since I didn't know the club through the much less successful years.

I know that I am blue through and through, I suppose it was just unfortunate timing that I learned the joy of English football and became committed to Chelsea when they are gathering fans faster than most other clubs in the world.

I'm not sure what I expect of the shed end from this post, but it does feel good to type this up and reassure myself that I am not a fan because of recent success, but because when I first saw the club I was hooked.

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supporting chelsea is like been married

you have your ups and downs, you get very frustrated with them and at times hate them

but you always love them

well done for choosing chelsea blueday, you have made the right choice, and we all started somewhere supporting them

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