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  1. I'm simply expressing myself and pissed off at the schoolboy error Christensen did. If you wanna defend the person solely responsible for us conceding a goal then you lot are idiots plain and simple.
  2. Good match. Christensen was sh*t.
  3. Messi and Hazard talking inside the tunnel making friends ... aww what a site lol !
  4. 3-4-2-1 Formation. No Giroud or Morata. Hazard back to False 9 ????? Oh my ..... It certainly is the day of reckoning.
  5. Emerson's debut for Chelsea and gets his 1st assist for Giroud's 1st goal for Chelsea. 2 New January Transfers helping each other out. How wonderful. I was disappointed we didn't score anymore goals during the 2nd half. I was hoping for a serious thrasher. Something similar to Swansea's 8-1 victory. It's all fine and dandy. Coming off conceding 7 goals in 2 matches, this was a good way to make up for our losses scoring 7 goals in 2 matches. C'mon Chelsea !!!!!!
  6. The match is likely to revolve around Hazard & Messi from both oppositions. I look at it this way. Hazard FC vs. Lionel Messi. Who will outshine the other ? That's the million dollar question.
  7. Should be the making of Morata. For all the times he's messed up, he will have to make up for it all. Especially since he has experience playing against them when he used to be a Real Madrid player. Bakayoko won't even be a thought in people's minds. He's out, thankfully.
  8. Where did Bakayoko's injury come from lol ? Isn't he out simply because he's worthless ? Just wondering ..
  9. Easy win. Easy challenge. We're Chelsea. We can beat any team in the world. How's that for optimism ?
  10. ChelseaFanBoy

    Chelsea V WBA (PL) Mon 12th Feb 20:00 UK

    Decent performance tonight. 3-0 is a good result. We will always need 3 points no matter what. Next match up against Hull in the weekend then it's Barcelona right after that. Not a bad performance by Morata. He should try scoring outside the box more often. Otherwise he should assist one of the wingers as they make a quick run into the box. Similar to what happened between Giroud & Hazard. C'mon you blues !!
  11. ChelseaFanBoy

    Luis Enrique?

    Wait a minute i take that back. Replace Jose with Di Matteo. Now we're good lol.
  12. ChelseaFanBoy

    Chelsea V WBA (PL) Mon 12th Feb 20:00 UK

    Here's an interesting stat. Former Chelsea managers AVB and Di Matteo were both sacked right after a loss to West Brom ... Will Conte face the same fate ?
  13. ChelseaFanBoy

    Luis Enrique?

    I'd rather have someone that's never managed Chelsea before. Taking it even further, someone that's never managed in the premier league period. Luis is that man. We need something fresh. Ancelotti is the past. The only Manager in the world I'll make an exception for is Jose Mourinho. He can go and come back as many times as he wants. He's earned that privilege.
  14. ChelseaFanBoy

    Chelsea V WBA (PL) Mon 12th Feb 20:00 UK

    I believe Morata wil be fit for this. I just wonder this time if Giroud will start or not. Or maybe a change of formation where both strikers play alongside ?