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  1. I'm not trolling you weirdo. I just happen to love football.
  2. Bakayoko was anonymous. Didnt see him put in a tackle or attempt a ambitious pass. Love Giroud he's been quality, but he faded in the second half. I believe morata will come good given encouragement and time. Kante and Dave were solid as always. Fabregas had a good game but I think he was a little bit one dimensional and alot of his passed were wayward or easy to read and intercept.
  3. How many finals, semis and quarters did Terry and co get to
  4. Exactly my point. You have to challenge every year in the champs and build up momentum to get that bit of luck that you need to win it. The closest the team with hazard has got is one semi
  5. He's won titles yes but a player of his quality wants to challenge for the champs league. You know this. I'm joining the champions league winners is what he said when he joined. We are miles away from that. As for his personal awards I think that is down to him really. It's not like we made him the player of the year, he just carried us
  6. Do you disagree then?
  7. Of course that would be great and I would love that. But realistically the board atm isn't exactly buying great players. Here's hoping though
  8. And if we had kept this 2 players then hazard will be challenging for champions leagues. 2 different conversations there
  9. Because I feel like we've let him down slightly. Don't get me wrong I love the guy and I hope he stays for the rest of his career.
  10. Good one mate, very original
  11. It pains me to say I hope hazard joins a team that play attacking football so he can realise his potential
  12. Wingbacks must be able to cross! Attacking is 40% of their job. Full backs are more for defending
  13. I liked Emerson before he came, I think he's a tidy little player