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  1. Barcelona fan here. Looking forward to the match on Wednesday. I think that we are going to advance to the next stage nevertheless. We managed to pull an amazing result on a tough ground scoring an important away goal which could be decisive. Playing on Camp Nou is tough for any away team. The pitch size is larger allowing to spread the opponent's defence. I expect Chelsea to park the bus and try to stall the 0:0 as long as possible and then try to score from the counter. The problem with this tactic is that we have Messi in tremendous form. He's able to score from a free kick on any day tearing even the best defence apart. It's impossible to keep the clean sheet when he is in such form. Also EV implemented a very compact formation that allows them to defend much, much better than in previous seasons. That's why I expect Barca to keep the clean sheet on this match. We haven't lost a single match in La Liga and in CL this season. I believe this stat tells you a lot about this team this season. I'm very positive that we're going reach the finals this season. As far as Chelsea are concerned, they/you aren't looking well at the moment. I read that there is bad relationship in the wardrobe between the manager and some players (e.g. Conte-Morata, Conte-D.Luiz) and no quality number 9 like Drogba was. In my opinion selling Diego Costa and Matić left consequences which resulted in a poor season and so many poor performances. The transfers that were brought here to replace Costa and Matic didn't live up to the reputation (Morata and Bakayoko).