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  1. That maybe true but it doesn't matter, RM are still virtually guaranteed a Champions League place year after year. They jettisoned Ronaldo because of his huge wage bill while having a new stadium to pay for, be interesting to see if they're willing to stump up the cash but my feeling is no they're going to play this one out as they did with Courtois and leave Eden to take the flack and force the move. Hope not, but if RM can save £50 mil and they know the player wants the move?
  2. If he is a supporter I don't think any club allegiances would prevent the gob sh*te from venting. Barnett has not answered my tweet, maybe someone with an established account (rather than a new one) and a visible CFC connection can ask?
  3. Good call...pretty sure it was him conducting the interview. Edit...sent him a tweet, first ever.
  4. Until I saw and heard it from the man himself I wouldn't have believed it either, that's why I'm keen to see the interview again. Anybody have any contacts at Chelsea TV, that would be a starting point?
  5. Hello gents Here's hoping someone can assist me in finding a short prematch interview shown by CTV of Alan Green at the bridge, unfortunatley I can't honestly remember the game or the year but I'm certain I was not dreaming it. No one believes me now and I couldn't quite believe what I was hearing myself as I'd always thought he was a LFC fan but there he was declaring his undying love for the blues, any leads or confirmation would be greatly appreciated.

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