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  1. yes, thank you. if I be there at 7 am, should it normally work with the tickets?
  2. And do you think we get four tickets if we buy them at thursday 7 pm at the website?
  3. Is it likely to get tickets for the game via ticket exchange if we check regularly the ticket exchange 1-2 weeks before the game? it would be no problem not to sit together.
  4. Hello guys, I go to London in december and wanna visit the chelsea game against southampton. We are four person and we all are members. If we fail to get tickets in normal way: is it likely to get four single tickets via the ticket exchange? (it would be no problem that we would not sit against each other)
  5. Thank you very much for your answer. So my last question: If you're trying to get tickets from ten matches against Southampton right at the beginning of the first sales phase. In how many cases do you get estimated tickets then? In how many cases of ten cases? So I can just guess a bit, because it makes a difference if I get 1/10 times tickets than if I get tickets 8/10 times. What do you believe? I know, you can't know it, but what do you believe?
  6. Thank you very much for the offer, my friend, but's it's to expensive for me. Can you suggest a ticket-website where I can buy tickets, If i pass to get tickets at the official chelsea homepage?
  7. Yes, my friend. I understand. But could you please explain me, If i normally get tickets as member (against an opponent like southampton) If i be in the virtual waiting room directly to the beginning of the deadline. Or is it gambling? It just want to know If it's worth to buy four memberships. I hope you understand my issue. I just search the cheapest way to visit the game. :-)
  8. Thank you very much for your answer. So it's really impossible, also againgst an opponent like southampton? And is the possibilty high to get these two tickets if we have a membership? (or also four tickets if we buy two another memberships. Then maybe we plan to buy four memberships, but it would me very annoying if we have four memberships and don't get tickets.) We would like to sit togeher, at least the two tickets in the first ticket stage - is this possible? If it's not possible to get more than two tickets with one membership, maybe we can buy the other tickets on the internet to a higher price. Or do you have a suggestion that we can visit the game to the lowest possible price (in sum)? Thank you very much in advance!
  9. Hi Guys, There are four of us coming to the home game against Southampton at Stamford Bridge on the 26th of December. We have applied for two memberships. We plan to buy two tickets in the first sale phase and two tickets in the second sale phase. Do you think there will be a second sale phase against Southampton? Do you have other suggestions? Greetings from Austria.

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