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  1. Aha, clear. Thanks for the explanation. Just had a look at the website and apparently i can get a global membership if im not mistaken. And the price, is that annually?
  2. Hahah i had a feeling that it was referring to someone else, thanks for the confirmation. I feel very welcomed indeed and everybody seems to be nice. However, the occasional back and forth is at times healthy 😉
  3. Thank you for the welcome : Aha! Hopefully the vaccines are a gamechanger and the stadiums fill up coming season. I will keep an eye out for spares, it would be an amazing experience to watch the game at the Bridge.
  4. Absolutely love cats! Not a fan of English breakfasts and you can catch me wearing colourful socks. Not always a matching pair but surely colourful 😁
  5. Hi Valerie, thanks for the pleasant welcome. What a wonderful coincidence to meet a countrymate here:) Is the membership worth it if, let’s assume, I will be only needing a ticket 3 matches a season? Also from what I understand, you still have to be lucky even after becoming a member.
  6. Hi fellow blues. My name’s Jamal and live in the Netherlands. 28years of age and a blues fan since the age of 10. There was a family friend who frequently visited our home in Kenya when I was younger. He was a very calm and studious man. I always saw him as a role model. He was a Chelsea fan before the glory days, therefore we always watched the matches together. It’s because of him I fell in love with this team and have no regrets whatsoever. I hope to attend my first match at the stadium this coming season. Hopefully somebody can help me get a hold of a ticket at the bridge in the near future. Thank you all and obviously looking forward to taking all the silverware this season!!
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