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  1. Totally agree, would love to have Johnson at the club.
  2. Have heard on a couple of rumour sites that we are signing Milner. Yes or No guys?? Think he could be a half decent signing, and is English and can play on the wing and in the centre whether he is the type of player we need?
  3. I am still getting teary everytime I see Drgoba's goal and the penalty shootout. Also seen a few replays of Torres goes v Barcelona and that still brings tears to my eyes. Trying to man up but I can, never been this happy.
  5. This is brilliant... it was like how it was down the pub. Funtime Cundy was brilliant and was almost in tears!!!
  6. I must admit I thought the run up was too short and was yelling at the TV screen to take a bigger run up maybe thats why I am not the one of the best strikers in the world.
  7. Sorry I cant embed at the moment, but this is what I am listening to right now!!
  8. Guys, I am lost for words... I never thought I would ever see the day that I can say we are European Champions BUT.... CHAMPIONIES, CHAMPIONIES!! Thank you to all of the squad everyone at Chelsea for making our dream come true. You have done yourselves and us fans proud!!
  9. Guys I am signing off for the weekend now as I am at a wedding tomorrow so will not be online. I wish you and all the players all the best for tomorrow. I will be on twitter throughout the game tomorrow if anyone knows my twitter or if anyone has set up a good # to tweet!! Any good luck and my the force be with us all. All the best guys.
  10. Fair point Geezer, I must admit a bit too young to remember those ones but I am sure I will make it through.
  11. Dude I am literally dying, I am not sure I can take anymore of working in my office today, everyone here is starting to get on my wick as I am so nervous and unsettled. Not even going to be able to go to Munich or be surrounded by my fellow Chelsea fans tomorrow as I am at a wedding. I know where I would rather be... Give me a pub somewhere around Chelsea surrounded by my fellow Chelsea fans. Got to try and stay a bit positive, but I am nervous as hell cant imagine what I am going to be like tomorrow.
  12. If there was a "Dislike" button I would have pressed it... Only positive thoughts and dreams please.
  13. Not saying this is very good but I thought I would have a go at a motivational speech - could be a bit of an omen as Queen 'We Are the Champions' came on my iPod on shuffle when I was writing this. Guys, look at where you are, look at how far you have come from where we were 2-3 months ago. To me you are all champions to make it this far, but.... you have one more step, one more hurdle to become legends. How much do you want this? You have to want this more than anything to win here, you are in the lions den, you are going to be surrounded by thousands if not hundreds of thousands of people wanting you to fail, but what you have to remember is that lion on your heart and what it represents and who it represents. It just does not represent a shirt, it represents a club, a team, a family, from the chairman to the supporter who cannot make it the otherside of the globe, families get through anything together and are always there for each other, and no matter what the Chelsea family will be there with you, you 11 will not be alone you will have the thousands of Chelsea fans with you and willing you along, willing you to take that next step, that next hurdle to become legends. Now go out there and play with the lions heart and spirit and earn that chance to become legends.
  14. Yeh I heard this on Talksport, making a massive thing of it. I cant see why Roman would want this, it is what he has wanted since he stepped in at the Bridge.
  15. Have fun out there guys I am so jealous that I am not out there with you all. I am there in spirit.

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