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Its hard to say i told you so but...


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about 4 years ago i made a point of saying that english clubs where becoming the dominent force in europe and that Italian teams just couldn't live with them

Infact there is no need to just keep it to 4 years, even beyond that the only team really holding there own from italy where Milan, in heads to heads in the last 6 years or so italian teams are well down.

And yet again english teams make up half the quater final spots and not an italian team in sight

its just a shame Pauly and G4 arn't around to deffend the indefesible!

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the english champions league sides are much stronger now- across the rest of the league then spain and italy are still comparable, but talking about the italian top sides, the tv money we have and the calciopoli scandal and instability there have contributed to what we have seen recently. things change- it's a bit silly to attempt to gloat now, when the debate was over a comparison then. it would be like returning to the joe cole vs ronaldo debate and saying how stupid you were for suggesting joe is the better player.

I await your follow up threads on why torres is nothing special, why dean ashton is the future of the english national side etc...

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