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German fans have a laugh at this


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With Hertha winning 2-0 at Cologne and Bayern enjoying a 3-0 victory over Bavaria neighbours Bayer Leverkusen, Wolfsburg stay top of the Bundesliga only by virtue of a better goal difference.


For people unfamiliar with German geography, this would be like a German journo writing about the derby between North and Southampton. Or the derby between Hartle and Liverpool.

In brief, Mr Eurosport sportswriter:

1. Bayern Munich and Bayer Leverkusen are not neighbours. Well, they are in the same way that Chelsea and Carlisle are.

2. Bayer doesn't have an n on the end for a reason: it isn't in Bayern, which is the German for Bavaria, where Munich is located but Leverkusen isn't

3. Bayer is the name of the Pharmaceuticals company that sponsor and own the Leverkusen club.

Mind you, when I was a kid I remember hearing someone talking about the München derby between Bayern and Gladbach. They're about twice as far apart as Totten and Birmingham.

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