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Season End


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So we have arrived at seasons end…..and what a fitting end it may turn out to be…the possibility of the elusive ‘double’. As I turned to the fixture list at the beginning of August I wondered how our season would unfold, trying to predict every score, looking at our rivals to see how they matched up week after week. I turned the ‘Chelsea’ desk calendar (my mum who is 80 sends one over every year) month after month wondering how the team will fair and where we would sit in the table at the end of the day and where our rivals would end up. Surprisingly Utd and Arsenal did better than I anticipated, so too did the ‘spuds’. It has certainly been a season of many ups and downs, frustrations and figuring out why the hell some of the results didn’t quite go to plan…the Wigan result being one, while others surprisingly went better than anticipated, such as beating all of our main rivals home and away, (I gave the blues the win at Arsenal and two draws at Utd and Liverpool). The sleepless nights before crucial games, why? The stress levels just before kick off.. why?… after all it wasn’t me playing. The match days when I wore my shirt and we lost…it was me right, I caused the loss when I put my shirt on, the next week I wore the socks…it was me that caused us to loose two points wasn’t it, because I never wear my ‘Chelsea’ socks on game days, I only wear them at the gym. I have driven my Mrs nuts by delaying the ‘Honey Do list’ because everything revolves around the games. We are fortunate, or unfortunate if you’re my wife, because I have seen every game either by satellite or cable, so my life on match days revolves around the team. On Saturdays nothing gets done till after midday, on Sundays nothing gets done till after 1pm. Midweek I am bunking off work early. It’s funny that 11 men running around a field, who I know very little about, influence our lives, cause us stress and cause other emotions to kick in, such as anger and happiness. We fans endure torture every week from August to May and I believe that as Chelsea fans we deserve to get something for our pains….I believe we will win the ‘double’, it is our destiny as fans of this team. It is the teams destiny to become part of history. I believe I can say that this squad of players is the best I have seen in my nearly 40 years of watching and supporting this team. This is the only opportunity we will get as other teams become stronger. For me as a fan it has been unbelievable emotionally and great to see the team where they are, however if there is one thing that has bugged me this year is our wonderful manager…when he says ‘ We are top of the ‘list’…it is the ‘League’ we are top of….not the ‘list’. And to the fans who have welcomed me into the forum and big thank you ::clap2:: Some of you are crazy, synical, knowlegeble but you are all true blue fans. Would I give it up……NEVER…now where is that fixture list for next season?

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