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  1. Ziyech and Ross - tells you how much faith he has in Saul then ...
  2. like to see Kai on the score sheet, he's worked hard and battered... deserves a goal.
  3. Sloppy and nearly giving Norwich some hope of getting back in this. I reckon another 2 goals should wrap this up..
  4. Don't think we'll be shelling out any cash to buy him at the end of the loan. Does he go back to AM in January? Or do we have to keep him till the end of the season.
  5. I'd like to see RLC, Jorghino and Kova in games like this, with RLC / Kova as an attacking two midfielders driving forward at the oppositions defence.
  6. As the old saying goes...you can only play against what's in front of you..
  7. Need to take full advantage of all this possession, another couple of goals this half would be good 😉
  8. He's had more than enough chances over his career and has yet to consistently earn a place on the team sheet....consistently inconsistent.
  9. Don't count on it...our forwards stink the joint out right now and we have to rely on our defenders to keep the ball out of our net, as well as putting the ball in the oppositions net. TT said it today..teams are always playing deep against us and rely on the counter and we have to find a way of breaking them down; but with no creative midfielder or any willing to take a shot from o/s the box we will continue to struggle. May be give Saul a run out see if he's improved any?
  10. Not a chance....they will still be wiping the sleep from their eyes when Norwich smash the ball in the back of the net. Then we might wake up. Hate these Sat early kick off's against a team that has been focusing their training on beating us all week, whereas we only have a couple of days. I think TT will rest a few players.
  11. After watching the Liverpool / Watford game this morning and again on MOTD I am more convinced than ever that Danny Rose is by far the worst defender in the league by a mile. Total sh*te.
  12. Brentford at the very least deserved a point if not all 3. For the 2nd half we looked like Fred Karno's army and if it wasn't for Mendy we'd been f**ked. None of our players 2nd half showed any heart or desire and were outworked in every aspect of the game. RLC faded 2nd half as we began to get overrun and we lost control of the midfield. Defensively I'm not sure, Chabolah looked lost at times, although Sarr got caught out a few times he had a decent EPL debut; Christensen and Mendy like a rock as always. The rest were a shambles may be with the exception of Chillwell. TT needs to sort out the dross that is our attack because right now it's not working at all and we are looking as toothless as we have been for the last couple of seasons. Top of the league, how, I don't know.
  13. Wouldn't surprise me if Newcastle go after the Brentford Manager in the next couple of weeks...I'll take him over TT after watching this tripe.
  14. If TT keeps sending out this sh*t every week then he won't last long. This is one of the worst performances I've seen for a while.
  15. Brentford making us look like a 2nd rate team...all that money and we get this dross
  16. They aren't the European Champions though 😉
  17. European Champions hanging on against Brentford, who would have thought...f**king awful.
  18. And we lose 5000 fans in the process who have slashed their wrists, hung themselves or thrown themselves off a building by being bored to tears
  19. TT better make a couple of changes or we are going to drop points here
  20. As much as I hate Liverpool they are ruthless in attack and this game would have been put to bed a long while ago. Yet again we just have nothing going on up front for another season despite spending a fortune...its about as exciting watching paint dry at times.
  21. OK time for a change I'm bored with watching this sh*t now
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